How User Feedback is Dependent on Product Development?

When you look at the history of product innovation and a number of companies that have survived the changing tides you could see one particular object in common- a reinvention of products. Most great companies have been able to reinvent their products in order to survive and grow. The end user of your product is the most important person in your product development and usually, the user feedback gives you an idea of where your product will be in next decade. Now, most of the organizations feel stagnant because the innovation fuel runs out or we have a situation when we see that users don’t really care about the product anymore they have moved to some other company product.

User Feedback is dependent on product development

Users today have a very short span of time and most of them usually don’t stick to one product for the long duration of time unless you drastically improve or produce a huge need gap for the product. Most organization fail to understand the fundamental of developing any product, it is based on the version of best of your current product but also your user feedback will be driving the next steps of innovation.

So what part does Gig India play for you to develop a most innovative product? We get a bridge between your product launch and end user. We have a strong workforce of over 300,000 students who work as a ground team for us who provide us with an end to end user feedback for the products. At Gig India we believe that each user feedback can be a one-step for your innovation and hence we treat each feedback from real customers as important.

So how do we get the feedback from the customers?

Getting a feedback from real users can be a long and treacherous journey but at Gig India we reduce the cost of getting a feedback and also the turnaround time with our active ground resource.

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