Don’t Forget to Check These 4 Ways to Earn Pocket Money

As a student you might find yourself in a position where you could have wanted a bit more money to get something maybe roll into a course or some workshop or so. Maybe you want to pay your debts you took for buying your phone or laptop. You have so much extra time but have not found any way to put it to a good use. Maybe you want to plan to buy something in three months or so. For this you want to plan for some side business or some source of income. Well then, this article is just for you.

There are quite a few ways to achieve some sources to earn pocket money. One of the ways is to make YouTube videos. You earn pocket money according to the views or clicks your videos get. Some other ways include freelancing for various jobs for companies such as web or android development or some programming, content development and writing, analysis among so many.

But you might be wondering that hey, I do not have enough time to dedicate for this much work or I cannot afford to travel to different locations for pocket money jobs. We all know that it is tiresome to find a trustworthy company where you can work and avoid working at some scam to earn pocket money. Well, GigIndia provides solution for this. You don’t need to invest any money but only have well developed soft skills, that is all GigIndia asks. You need to download the GigIndia app as your pocket money app. When you sign up you are offered a number of gigs to earn pocket money from when completed and approved by the website. Also you can get experience since many top brands such Paytm, Phonepe, Grabon and Mi offer work for them through GigIndia. So, this can be a great way to earn pocket money. GigIndia also offers technical and non-technical internships so your profile will get built up quite well and your resume will get added with experience and skills which will help you get a good job.

Now let us talk about how to earn pocket money through GigIndia?


Good writing skills, great audience and consistency in writing and maintaining quality. If this is your set of skills, then you can easily earn pocket money from this gig. You need to promote various brands and their products which will help you earn pocket money.


Similar to blogging, you can promote brands or also create content as per needed but through short videos and upload them to earn pocket money quickly. You need only be good in front of the camera and should have good skills in English then you can earn from this gig.

Social Media Influencer:

There are many social media platforms people use nowadays. If a person has a good number of following, then he can influence them about the advantages of things such as brands or various products. If you meet these criterions, then through GigIndia you can promote brands to earn money through this pocket money app.

Campus Ambassador:

Companies require students with good communication skills, la arge network of contact and decent leadership skills for promoting and advertising their brands in their college campus. Students attending the same college will come to know about these products and can take benefits of the products by buying them. You can do this promoting and some other tasks that will be assigned to you to earn pocket money depending on the work you do.

Now that we have talked about how to earn pocket money let us talk about how GigIndia app works. The most important thing that GigIndia does different is they offer direct experience on projects rather than having students just learn the theory behind them. Students can learn and achieve something meaningful while they experience different things while talking to clients, solving issues, experimenting for challenges among many. A different environment is made available to students through GigIndia where they can learn about the corporate world, the importance of customers and relations with companies where they will be working. Considering all these benefits you should not be wasting any time to get on a ride with GigIndia to earn pocket money and develop skills for yourself.

The Secret of Earning Pocket Money Online: Earn Through These 2 Ways

Are you in need of money or looking to earn more pocket money?

Do you run out of your monthly pocket money much before the month ends and remain feeling helpless for the remaining part of the month? Do you wish you had a little extra pocket money to splurge on shopping, travelling and other activities you love doing? Are you planning to start up a side business idea while studying, but don’t have extra pocket money to invest on? If any of this applies to you or you are just someone willing to learn how to earn pocket money, keep reading further.

But, please know that there is no magic and you will not be crazy rich by these ways. Earning pocket money legitimately needs some patience and perseverance.

How to earn pocket money?

Unlike the sea of fake data entry jobs, paid to click jobs, surveys, and various others that are out there in the internet, you don’t need a lot of time and a huge investment. Whereas, you can earn pocket money with simple pocket money jobs like creating a short video if you have good video editing skills or by doing social media marketing if you have a good number of people following you on social media. All you’re going to need to earn some extra pocket money is some free time, a skill you are passionate about, an internet connection and a smartphone to download a good pocket money app. With a legit pocket money app download or a genuine website, you can always earn some legit extra income with a little time and absolutely no investment!

Platform where you can earn pocket money.

It gets very exhausting to find a promising company or legit pocket money jobs in the pool of bogus scams even after enough research, especially one that has flexible timings and requires zero commuting. A legitimate platform doesn’t ask for any investment from students. It only asks that students must have good interpersonal skills, common sense and friendliness.

Some of the trusted platforms to earn money include GigIndia, Upwork, Freelance etc.
When you sign up on these pocket money apps, you get to decide what you want to do and how you want to earn. You can choose to write, make videos, do search engine optimization, graphic designing and the list is endless.

We recommend you to join GigIndia. When a student signs up on GigIndia, he/she has the freedom to choose from one of the numerous gigs or small tasks from the website. If a gig done by a student is right then it gets approved by the website and the student earns their share of pocket money! To add to it, students get the right exposure and the necessary experience needed as they work with top brands like Paytm, Phonepe, Grabon, Mi, and the list goes on.

GigIndia also offers paid technical and non technical internships. An internship will make the students better potential employees. They will gain real experience and also get to build new connections.  This also helps them in communicating in a professional environment by attending meetings and events. Their resume this gets an edge over the other students.

2 ways to earn pocket money:

 Let’s talk about 4 of the simplest ways by which you can earn some pocket money online.

  • Blogging or content writing: If you are very good with grammar and also have a flair for writing, you can chose to write online blogs or articles. There are many sites like Upwork, Freelance, HubPages, Bukisa and many more, where you can submit blogs and get paid for it or you can pitch potential employers, who will give you topics that you need to write engaging content on and you get paid for it when your content gets approved.


  • Vlogging or Video creation: There are many companies that will actually pay you for creating video content for them. If you have good video editing skills and believe you can make engaging videos, this is the job for you. GigIndia is a pocket money app that lets you earn by vlogging. With good video editing skills, you can eventually also open up a YouTube channel, select your niche and then start earning money from vlogging on YouTube and start your own business!


So these are some of the simplest ways by which you can earn money online. There are various other options like search engine optimization, selling your own products, doing a course and many others but they require a lot more time and effort than the ones mentioned above. With the above pocket money jobs, you not just earn pocket money but also gain a lot of experience and exposure that is going to add brownie points to your resume.

Earn while you learn: An outstanding benefit of being a user of GigIndia Pocket Money App

Are you a student? High school or maybe a college goer but you still want to make some extra pocket money? Did you know there are pocket money apps on the internet which lets you earn while you learn? You don’t need to invest a lot of your time in doing these tasks but actually, you can earn pocket money by performing pocket money jobs. Many people have these questions in their minds such as is it worth it? Does it pay? Well, you don’t need to worry about such questions because we know it is quite natural that these sort of questions will arise sooner or later.

Ever heard about pocket money apps? How to earn pocket money on those apps? Well, the answers for some would be yes and some of you might say know and its absolutely fine. But actually, there are apps that actually for real pay you for your works which are actually very small tasks to perform or we may say gigs. We know how a student life is and you guys have to study a lot every day but you guys do need some extra pocket money to spend on the things you like to do. Now the question is which apps can actually be termed as Money Making Apps for Android? There are a lot of apps in the play store which tends to claim that they actually pay you for your work but you later on find out that it was just a gimmick but to be honest there is an application on the play store which is called GigIndia. Yes, that’s true they pay you for the little tasks you do for them. GigIndia over the time has built up a reputation of one of the best pocket money apps that for real pay you for your little performance for them by completing the tasks on their app.

Not just small gigs or tasks they even provide you with a sea of opportunities to get an internship and also chance to work with some of the top brands for which you get from them. This is not just about earning but also learning. You gather both knowledges as you get to work with big reputed companies and you initially learn how the work structure is and how to do it and later on in your life you can apply these important learning events from which you have gathered a lot of knowledge. So isn’t it a win-win situation for everyone and also GigIndia understands the needs of its users and they actually pay you quite handsomely so there you go you can’t complain about it actually. They also suggest you tasks according to the profile you choose and the tasks vary from profile to profile. But there is no stoppage of learning from it and earning too.

Earn money online exists right? Now that you know about it then why shouldn’t you go and join it? They are trustworthy, they are genuine and also provides you with a lot of opportunities to work. It is indeed one of the best places to work and earn because you get to choose every bit of your work. If you want to earn while you can track that your earning request is successful or not then GigIndia actually does it for you. They evaluate the tasks that you have performed and then if it’s successful you then know where the money is. Yes in your account.  In addition to that if you want to gather experience then you get an option in the app to apply for the companies that have slot open for you regarding the type of work you want then you can always apply for it and if you have any difficulties then they have a team to help you out of the situation.

Still worried that if you can earn pocket money from it or not then the answer can only be found by downloading the app from play store and creating an account with them. After all, GigIndia understands what students want that is why they have one of the largest student workforce who daily perform tasks and earn daily through it and their payment option is also hassle-free as you can transfer your money to your Paytm wallet instantly.