[vc_section full_width=”stretch_row” css=”.vc_custom_1539329842979{background-color: #1f1f1f !important;}”][vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space height=”96px”][vc_custom_heading text=”Work From Home” font_container=”tag:h1|text_align:center|color:%23ffffff” use_theme_fonts=”yes”][vc_separator border_width=”2″ el_width=”10″][vc_empty_space height=”96px”][/vc_column][/vc_row][/vc_section][vc_section][vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space height=”64px”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_custom_heading text=”Work from Home Jobs for Students” use_theme_fonts=”yes”][vc_separator align=”align_left” border_width=”2″ el_width=”10″][vc_column_text]The employment scene in India is changing faster than ever before. Educational degrees that were once considered a safe forte now have too many students graduating every year. Students have building careers in fields that were completely unchartered earlier. Unemployment is a major issue in India and recent reports have suggested that only a part of India’s graduates are employable. Therefore, a lot of young students are turning to work from home jobs to earn a living with the help of GigIndia.

Student life is a time when you are acquiring skills to build a strong future. It is also a time when you learn to become independent and start earning money by yourself. It is so embarrassing to ask parents or anyone else for pocket money. Work from home and part time jobs can help students to use their time effectively, earn money and acquire important life skills. An important aspect of work from home jobs offered by GigIndia is that they require no investment and you can get started making money from the first day.

These online work from home jobs give students to an opportunity to explore their passions and use their skills to build a career. Students are able to work part time from their homes or any other location of their choice for a few hours every week to explore multiple avenues for their career planning.

Here are some of the methods by which a student can work from home doing part time jobs using the GigIndia work from home jobs app:

  1. Content Writing
    There’s always a massive demand for talented students content writers and content creators. If content writing is something that interests you and you’re good at it, you will find many gigs on the GigIndia app that you may be able to apply for. These are generally online work from home jobs that the student may perform remotely.A student may be required to write small snippets or longer pieces of content – depending on the requirements from the partner business. The student may work from home for a few hours every week to complete such assignments.Content writing is important skill for students to acquire for career building and also for to be exceptionally good in academics. Improving writing skills can enhance your vocabulary and also help to find different ways of expressing oneself. Content writing has a huge market. As a web content writer, content developer or content editor, there are many internships and part-time jobs available which make the students learn the technicalities of content writing and at the same time add a few bucks to their pockets.
  2. Micro Influencer Marketing
    Businesses partnering with the GigIndia app are always looking for micro influencers who can help them to create visibility for their brand with the student market. This is a very good part time work from home opportunity for students who have a strong online social media presence.An emerging trend has entered the ecommerce marketing arena since such social media channels as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube became increasingly popular – Micro influencers.  These micro social media influencers offer higher engagement at a lower price and with more weekly conversations than the average consumer.Micro Influencer is creators on social media platforms who typically have between 1,000 and 100,000 followers. These student influencers build followings around niches like travel, fashion, beauty, and photography and cultivate communities surrounding their content. Many of them interact with fans and followers regularly and as a result, micro influencer may see high engagement and active audiences.Students who have built a good online social media presence may be able to participate in these assignments. These online work from home tasks can often be done on the go using one’s mobile phone.
  3. Video Making
    Indian students can showcase their talents with vlogging gigs on the GigIndia app. Vlogging has become the online career choice for people who have a passion for it. Many students use this freelance work from home work opportunity to make videos about their skills.Vlogging has become very popular in the last few years. Most of the vloggers have already become hugely successful in their early 20’s and have huge fan-bases to boot. Most people start a vlogging career as a part time work from home job using their phone to create videos about their dancing, singing, cooking and other skills. Many students have started to make money from vlogging and also consider this as a serious career choice.Many vloggers choose this career option for the creativity, fame and as an outlet for self-expression. Some vlogging stars have got hundreds of thousands of views by posting simply films themselves eating a meal. The possibilities are endless. These internet celebrities, with millions of subscribers, did not need a degree, nor a high academic score, nor money in the bank, nor popularity at school to reach success on this particular platform. As long as you have a camera, you can get views.
  4. Blogging
    Blogging is one of the best work from home jobs in India. There are ample opportunities on the work from home jobs app, GigIndia to blog about anything that interests you. GigIndia offers gigs where students may blog about reviews of a newly launched product or service or the students may be required to write a blog post about their personal experiences.Blogging has lasted while other tools have come and gone. With regular practice, students can build and improve their skills in writing and expression.  Blogging can help students to build a strong career foundation by helping them to hone their creativity. Blogging is a great way to reflect, sharpen writing skills, express yourself and gain know-how that can benefit students in many ways! Just like you learn how to swim once, your writing skills will always stick with you no matter what. Many bloggers find part time work from home writing jobs for extra income.GigIndia offers you to be a part of the India’s leading student network with work from home job opportunities as a blogger. By performing these gigs, a student may be able to improve his skills as a blog writer and also earn pocket money with freelance work from home jobs.
  5. Scholarships
    There are opportunities on GigIndia for students to bag scholarships. These skill based scholarships are offered to students based on their performance.  Students are provided with many opportunities to build their skills with simple work from home and part time tasks.
  6. Content Auditing
    Video content is in demand now and it is here to stay. There are many vlogging apps and websites which are based on user generated content. GigIndia students help these businesses to categorise, audit and index their videos. Students can sign up for these gigs and work from home part time and earn money too.A video content auditing gig may not require much skill apart from knowledge of languages spoken in India. The student can work from home as per a convenient time and get paid to categorise and tagging the videos correctly.
  7. Product Testing
    Modern businesses are becoming bigger and better and competition is higher than ever before. Therefore it’s incredibly important to ensure that a company is offering cutting edge products to consumers to stay competitive. It is also important for companies to identify and resolve any bugs in the product.Businesses require qualitative and quantitative information about consumer’s potential consumption/usage behaviour, preferences, and reactions on a product. By participating in these type of gigs, students are able to help businesses with manual testing of their apps, products and services. Students are able to perform these tests by working from home and are paid for these services.Students using the work from home jobs GigIndia app can use their free time to participate in product testing tasks. These tasks may be fun and exciting like Mystery Shopping to test the traffic flow for an ecommerce website. There may also be more technical tasks such as identifying bugs in an app or a product.
  8. Translator
    India is a land of diversity and most Indian students know at least 3 or more languages, including English. This opens up several opportunities for them, but only a few are really up to the standard that businesses expect from them.In a world that is changing fast, geography is fast becoming history and Internet is cutting across all sections of society. English and Hindi languages are losing their hold as the choice of language for reaching target audience in India. In such a scenario, the job of a translator is increasingly being seen as a career option by many. There is much content being created constantly in every language spoken in India and business want to reach out to every possible market segment by speaking the local language. This presents many opportunities to students to find part time work from home jobs.If you are fluent in Hindi and English, or for that matter in your mother tongue and English, you will find a plenty of work from home opportunities from businesses in need of quality translation services.It really doesn’t matter how much money you are able to earn as a student but, being able to earning money on your own increases your confidence tremendously.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][/vc_section][vc_section][vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space height=”64px”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_custom_heading text=”Seven reasons why work from home is the future”][vc_separator align=”align_left” border_width=”2″ el_width=”10″][vc_column_text]Working from home is no longer a new trend. Many progressive companies let their employees work from home or they prefer hiring people who don’t need office and love working from home. Here are some benefits that companies and employees will get when working from home:

  1. Reduction in travelling time
    Commuting often unpleasant and stressful. It also takes up much time that could be spent working or doing something else productive. Employees who can work from home save money on petrol or train fares and so, they may be available at a lower cost.
  2. Your Office Can Be Anywhere — quite Literally!
    Your work from home job need not keep you tied to your home. That doesn’t mean your only other location will be the coffee shop around the corner: You can take care of your job while traveling (please do so only if you are a passenger in the car!), enjoying the great outdoors (thanks to long laptop battery life and tethering to your phone), or even listening to your favourite band at a live concert.
  3. You Can Stay More Focused and Productive
    Many people who work from home claim to be more productive because the absence of office distractions makes it easier for them to keep their head down and actually get work done without being distracted by co-workers.This is because you can control your working situation much more—you don’t have to worry about co-workers stopping by to “just for a quick question” (and 15 minutes later…), obligatory socializing when you get coffee for yourself or offending someone by shutting the door to your office. When you are working from home remotly and need to really concentrate, you can just change your status in the group chat to “do not disturb” and buckle down.
  4. Your Schedule Can Be Your Own Choice
    Much of the work that can be done remotely can also be done with a flexible schedule. For example, if you’re a content creator, you can most likely do your writing whenever it suits you as long as you meet your timelines. So, night owls, rejoice! You can still put in your eight hours without starting every morning at 8 AM.Even when you need to work for specific hours, you’re sure to still have some break time — time you can use however you’d like! Even if you have just 10 minutes, you can do something that just wouldn’t be possible in a traditional office: play a few tunes on your guitar, take a short walk or even a refreshing power nap. You’re guaranteed to come back feeling more refreshed than you would after 10 minutes of Facebook surfing at your desk.
  5. Fewer sick leaves
    A recent survey found that home workers took fewer days off sick than those based in the office. This is because, the better work-life balance means workers are less likely to get ill because their stress levels are typically lower. Also, employees who have a cold or are mildly sick can still get work done at home, while office workers are more inclined to take the entire day off to avoid leaving the comfort of their home.
  6. Improved employee retention
    Work from home employees are generally happier – which means they are less likely to quit. This increased flexibility is high up the wish list for employees of all ages because working from home is seen as such as an attractive work perk, employees who have experienced it are less likely to leave for another company that doesn’t offer flexible working.Younger workforce expects to be able to harness the flexibility that technology provides, to enable them to work whenever and wherever suits them.
  7.  Increased talent pool
    By having employees who work from home, companies can expand their talent pool and hire the best talent regardless of who or where they are. Thus, employers can work with people who don’t live in the India, or who have a disability so may not be able to travel to an office.
  8. Time to go to appointments
    Work from home allows people to go to necessary appointments – the doctor’s, dentist or opticians – during their break time, which they may not have time for if they are based out of an office.It also means employees can exercise or do stretches, which they may feel embarrassed about doing at work – but is important for preventing back or joint problems which can come about as a result of a regular office job.This means improved health for employees and so, employers are less likely to lose workers to sick or stress leave.
  9. Less money spent on office space
    If employees work from home, companies can spend less money on office space, electricity, utilities and technology. By staggering employees’ work-from-home days, organisations can massively save on office space, which can cost thousands of rupees a month and be a major drain on a company’s budget.


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