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Get paid for doing what you are good at. Select the profile which defines you in the best way.

Video Making

Be it dancing, singing, or cooking, if you love to do it on camera, then this is the right fit for you!

Network Promotion

If you believe in ‘United we Earn’, then this profile belongs to you!

Influencer Marketing

If your heart belongs to setting up new trends on social media, then you are definitely an Influencer.

Campus Ambassador

Does your college spotlight follow you? Here is the right spot for you then!

Content Writing

If you hold the power to paint a picture with your words, then you are born for content writing!

Field Internship

If you feel that field work is your cup of tea, here’s something just for you.

How It Works?

All you need is a smartphone to start earning your pocket money

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A Key to your Financial Freedom!

Have you ever experienced financial freedom? Well, here's how you can do that! Earn your own pocket money by doing simple tasks suited to your profile.

Explore Endless Possibilities

Choose from the huge pool of options available on the app to get started with.

Earn Pocket Money

GigIndia provides you a source to earn your pocket money without going out of your comfort zone.

Part Time Jobs

Invest your time wisely by working part time for big companies to earn your daily pocket money.


Build your career as well as your academic records by doing internships with renowned brands of India.

Work From Home

No need to step out of your comfort zone, work from your preferred place and time. Utilize your free time by making some pocket money for yourself.

Earn Money Online

Have you ever wonder that you can earn money online even without coming out of your comfort zone? Yes, it’s possible! Want to know how?

Explore Gigs

Choose gigs suitable to your profile from the large pool of variety available

Here's What Your Peers Are Saying

We believe in delivering the best experience to you. Let’s hear out from our users what they have to say about it.

Parth Waghwani

ISB&M School of Technology

GigIndia has truly succeeded in creating an awesome platform for students to earn quick money, making students more independent than ever.

Kalpak Gowardipe

Symbiosis Institute of Technology

GigIndia is one of the coolest app I have ever known, it has simple and fun tasks, it also has lots of Contests to show our talent & earn pocket money!

Pooja Singh

Symbiosis College of Arts & Commerce

GigIndia provides students with gigs and experience that we need. It is the best platform to explore opportunities & earn pocket money!


Have a glimpse of all the brands for whom you will get a chance to work.


All the answers to your questions are here!

What is a gig?

A Gig is a temporary job.

At GigIndia, we offer numerous small and easy tasks for students to earn and learn from, which are called gigs. They last for a short duration and are simple to perform from anywhere with a working internet connection.

When will my gig be evaluated?

Our evaluation team usually verifies and evaluates the submission within 7 days. After you submit your gig, you can see the expected date of approval on the screen.


Note: In some cases, evaluation is delayed due to approvals from the partner company, and may extend over a period 15 – 25 days.

Does GigIndia share my data with others?

GigIndia does not share your data with other parties without your permission. Your data may be shared to partner companies when you apply for internships.

What are GigIndia Rewards?

Our goal at GigIndia is simple, helping our users earn quickly anytime, anywhere!

We enjoy working on features that enhance your experience in the app giving you the chance to perform more tasks and earn more money!

We are super excited to announce GigIndia rewards!

Rewards are a new way to thank our awesome users who perform gigs regularly. Now you can earn rewards for simply performing gigs on time. We are proud to bring in Gig-O-Gems into the app.

What are Gig-O-Gems?

Gig-O-Gems are GigIndia’s social currency which you can earn by performing gigs regularly, using the app daily, winning contests, referring friends, etc. The more gigs you perform on GigIndia, the more Gig-O-Gems you’ll receive and be able to use in the store!

How to earn Gig-O-Gems?

Every time your gig submission is approved, you can earn a fixed amount of Gig-O-Gems. This amount will vary for all gigs.

Some Gigs may also give you a chance to unlock a gift box! Gift Boxes are a special way to earn Gig-O-Gems whenever you submit a gig within specified time! This gift box may contain any number of Gig-O-Gems and if you’re lucky enough, you may earn a large number of gems, upto 5000!

Remember to complete the gig in the specific time to unlock the gift box. Else, these gift boxes expire.

What are you waiting for then? Apply and submit a gig now!

How can I get a certificate for my gig?

Some gigs offer a certificate on completion. These certificates are very valuable & you can use them on your resume to show off your efforts.

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