Pocket Money Tips for Students Worth Taking a Look At

For a student, the major source of cash inflow is the pocket money they get from their parents. For most students however, this cash is not free-flowing but limited. Thus, many students look for ways to save pocket money and also to earn pocket money. Pocket money jobs not only allows a student to reach their financial goals, clear their debts, invest in or save for their side business ideas but also inculcates financial planning and financial responsibility in a student.

So let’s take a look at a few pocket money tips for students that is sure to change your student life for the better.

  • Make a budget calendar and stick to it.
    Making a budget calendar basically means planning your expenses for a month. Writing down all the things you need for the month and then going through the list a few times before you actually start spending, will help you chalk out the unnecessary expenses and the things you can do without. You’ll eventually find out that this saves you a lot of money.
  • Find wiser ways for your expenditures.
    Shopping during sales season, waiting for the end of the season to buy yourself little luxuries because then almost everything is on discount, using cashback websites for your online purchases are some ways to save from the amount that you’d anyways be spending.
  • Always save some money for emergencies.
    You might have already heard this from your parents a hundred times now, but we cannot just stress enough on the importance of saving some money for emergencies, small or big.
  • Deposit your extra money in the bank or invest.
    Deposit the extra pocket money in your bank account or invest it on certain plans. Develop a habit of doing this regularly. By this, you will keep getting an interest or earn a large sum of money eventually, which means you don’t just save your extra pocket money but also earn some amount out of it.
  • Avoid debts, personal loans and credit cards.
    Try your best to avoid debts, personal loans and credit cards. Nowadays many companies offer credit cards to students as an add-on benefit to a parent’s credit card. While a credit card’s benefits and luxuries may seem too luring to resist, it is always best that you avoid it. Sticking to your debit cards will not just make you develop the habit of spending according to your budget but will also stop you from spending recklessly and creating havoc on your finances.
  • Explore how to earn pocket money.
    In today’s digital world, with technology making our lives easier and the internet turning the world into a global village, it is easy for students to not just learn how to earn pocket money but also to earn extra pocket money by doing simple pocket money jobs with the skills they already possess. For example, a student with excellent writing skills can earn with blogging or someone with a large number of followers on social media can earn by social media marketing. Like everything else, the internet has its fair share of disadvantages. That is, there are numerous scams out there to fool people and loot them of their time, energy and money.
    There are however a few legitimate pocket money apps and websites that let you earn extra pocket money. You just need to sign up on these platforms and pick a task according to your interest and skill and apply for it. As your content gets approved by the employer, you get paid for it! One such platform is the GigIndia app.

    There are different pocket money jobs available to perform on GigIndia that will help you get all the above benefits while earning some extra cash. You can choose one based on your skills and your interest. You can also perform more than one, to increase your earnings. The gigs available are as follows:

    • Customer service executive: You need to work for a certain number of hours per day or per week. You will be required to be fluent in one or more languages. In this job, you need to handle the various queries that customers have.
    • Content writing: If you have excellent writing skills and you are the grammar nazi of your group, this is the job for you. The pay varies according to the specific deliverables and the number of words that you need to write
    • Vlogging: Vlogging has given people a whole new ability to express themselves. Here, you need to make short videos and upload it to the app to get your pocket money.
    • Social Media Influencing: In any online community, if you have a good number of people that follow you and if you can influence their thinking then GigIndia needs you. You would be required to promote various brands through your social media account to get paid.
    • Campus Ambassador: You’ll be hired by a company as a campus ambassador to promote and advertise various brands in your college. Besides that, you also will be assigned many other easy tasks to do. You’ll earn pocket money according to the work that you do.

Ultimately, this pocket money app download will not just let you earn pocket money but will also give you exposure and give you a hands-on experience on the current work culture, thus giving you the opportunity to be more financially disciplined and lead a more rewarding financial life.

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