How to get more downloads for your android app? How Gigindia helps in getting numerous downloads?

A company decides upon designing an Android app. It engages a team of members and guides them to work on the designing, layout, interface and what not. Creating an app involves a gestation period of a few considerable months that could have been used otherwise for serving another purpose. Finally, the app is built and pushed live. Now, what next?

You have the app ready, but how to get the people to use it?

There isn’t an easy competition in the world of applications. A company after investing so many resources surely doesn’t want to lack behind. The challenges in app marketing are growing rapidly. There are various marketing strategies that a company can think of more app downloads. But trust me on this when I say, there is nothing better than easy marketing platforms that cost absolutely nothing.

One of these techniques is using the Gigindia platform for marketing your product. Let’s look into depth as to why use Gigindia as a marketing strategy, how this platform works and the easy benefits a company can derive.


The ultimate weapon to get more downloads and reviews lies here with Gigindia, a tool worthy enough of a company’s trust and time. This app is capable of increasing downloads as well as feedback and eliminates any negative trait if they exist.

While determining the ranking of a particular application, a very sophisticated system is adopted.

Gigindia takes into consideration suitable criteria for the same. It engages a workforce of lakhs of students who are spread across India. These students are skilled and Gigindia uses the talent of these students to generate creative and better, or let’s say the best ideas to get the work of the company done.


Gigindia applies various plans and strategies to accomplish the task such as increase app downloads rendered by the company. It may include steps such as cost-per-install campaigns. Herein, the assigned students may have a gig of getting the Android app downloaded by other people and for this, they are rewarded with incentives or certificates or stipends etc, based upon their performance and the guideline set. All that a company needs to do therefore is to create the Android app, launch it in the market and make it available for downloads and hand over the rest to Gigindia.

 Gigindia understands, how essential a good market report is for a company and also knows the better ways to acquire visibility to the company’s app.

Every company has a planned budget in advance. It is an estimate and not the exact cost. While executing, it may possibly show a rise. For promoting the app, a company is likely to spend sacks of paper notes on billboards or TV or newspaper advertisements and what not. But is this sufficient? Does this anywhere guarantee a ten digit number downloads instantly or within a week or a month?  Probably not. Then how do these methods benefit a company?

Instead of spending a huge amount on these techniques, spend half or even less on Gigindia and get assured results.

Gigindia connects a company to the youth workforce and engages their creative and bona-fide ideas. It believes in client satisfaction. All it charges is a minimal amount from the clients. The students benefit from improving their skills, learning new things as well as getting paid for what they do.

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