Pocket Money Tips for Students Worth Taking a Look At

For a student, the major source of cash inflow is the pocket money they get from their parents. For most students however, this cash is not free-flowing but limited. Thus, many students look for ways to save pocket money and also to earn pocket money. Pocket money jobs not only allows a student to reach their financial goals, clear their debts, invest in or save for their side business ideas but also inculcates financial planning and financial responsibility in a student.

So let’s take a look at a few pocket money tips for students that is sure to change your student life for the better.

  • Make a budget calendar and stick to it.
    Making a budget calendar basically means planning your expenses for a month. Writing down all the things you need for the month and then going through the list a few times before you actually start spending, will help you chalk out the unnecessary expenses and the things you can do without. You’ll eventually find out that this saves you a lot of money.
  • Find wiser ways for your expenditures.
    Shopping during sales season, waiting for the end of the season to buy yourself little luxuries because then almost everything is on discount, using cashback websites for your online purchases are some ways to save from the amount that you’d anyways be spending.
  • Always save some money for emergencies.
    You might have already heard this from your parents a hundred times now, but we cannot just stress enough on the importance of saving some money for emergencies, small or big.
  • Deposit your extra money in the bank or invest.
    Deposit the extra pocket money in your bank account or invest it on certain plans. Develop a habit of doing this regularly. By this, you will keep getting an interest or earn a large sum of money eventually, which means you don’t just save your extra pocket money but also earn some amount out of it.
  • Avoid debts, personal loans and credit cards.
    Try your best to avoid debts, personal loans and credit cards. Nowadays many companies offer credit cards to students as an add-on benefit to a parent’s credit card. While a credit card’s benefits and luxuries may seem too luring to resist, it is always best that you avoid it. Sticking to your debit cards will not just make you develop the habit of spending according to your budget but will also stop you from spending recklessly and creating havoc on your finances.
  • Explore how to earn pocket money.
    In today’s digital world, with technology making our lives easier and the internet turning the world into a global village, it is easy for students to not just learn how to earn pocket money but also to earn extra pocket money by doing simple pocket money jobs with the skills they already possess. For example, a student with excellent writing skills can earn with blogging or someone with a large number of followers on social media can earn by social media marketing. Like everything else, the internet has its fair share of disadvantages. That is, there are numerous scams out there to fool people and loot them of their time, energy and money.
    There are however a few legitimate pocket money apps and websites that let you earn extra pocket money. You just need to sign up on these platforms and pick a task according to your interest and skill and apply for it. As your content gets approved by the employer, you get paid for it! One such platform is the GigIndia app.

    There are different pocket money jobs available to perform on GigIndia that will help you get all the above benefits while earning some extra cash. You can choose one based on your skills and your interest. You can also perform more than one, to increase your earnings. The gigs available are as follows:

    • Customer service executive: You need to work for a certain number of hours per day or per week. You will be required to be fluent in one or more languages. In this job, you need to handle the various queries that customers have.
    • Content writing: If you have excellent writing skills and you are the grammar nazi of your group, this is the job for you. The pay varies according to the specific deliverables and the number of words that you need to write
    • Vlogging: Vlogging has given people a whole new ability to express themselves. Here, you need to make short videos and upload it to the app to get your pocket money.
    • Social Media Influencing: In any online community, if you have a good number of people that follow you and if you can influence their thinking then GigIndia needs you. You would be required to promote various brands through your social media account to get paid.
    • Campus Ambassador: You’ll be hired by a company as a campus ambassador to promote and advertise various brands in your college. Besides that, you also will be assigned many other easy tasks to do. You’ll earn pocket money according to the work that you do.

Ultimately, this pocket money app download will not just let you earn pocket money but will also give you exposure and give you a hands-on experience on the current work culture, thus giving you the opportunity to be more financially disciplined and lead a more rewarding financial life.

5 Great Ways to Work from Home in 2018

In today’s hectic world, it has become a headache to actually go the place of work and the reasons are plausible too! Many people find it difficult to travel such long distances for a regular nine-to-five job which might even go overtime. Increased vehicle population and lack of space on roads, the best option to earn lies in the hands of those who provide work from home option. These are mostly online work from home jobs. They can either be full-time or part-time.  Even students can enroll for these jobs. Isolation can also help increase the productivity of some which in turn produces something incredible. People can generally earn around 30,000 per month if they opt work from home jobs. In this article, I am going to provide you with a list of ‘best 5 work from home options in India’.

Here are some domains you can look into if you want to earn money just by sitting in your home, relaxed and working:


Blogging is the best source of income that one can find on the internet. If you are interested in writing or say, sharing your experience, blogging is definitely a job made for you! There isn’t much pay in the beginning but once you have the content and the audience set right, only the sky is the limit then. You can also download apps such as GigIndia which help you find work from home jobs very easily as you find ‘gigs’ all at a single place! This application is trusted by many and I’d suggest downloading pocket money app GigIndia and using it will surely help you by giving a good boost to your part-time/full-time career. You can get paid handsomely, roughly giving an estimate of 100-500 per blog. The figure might increase too.

Social Media Manager/ Influencer

 In this digitized world, every small and as well as big companies need to reach to every person to influence them. This is media marketing. Social media plays a crucial role in the advertising of the brand.  Everyone has a Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Pinterest or LinkedIn and many other such applications. People are more active on these platforms. Also, who has the time to manage the social media accounts of companies? Companies need people who can pro-actively manage their accounts. If you have the knowledge of sales and editing photos and videos, this is your calling. You can create profiles on websites such as CareerBuilder.com, SimplyHired.com, etc. You can also be an influencer on social media platforms. If you have a few thousand followers who are active, you can advertise many products on your page. At first, you might not even get paid, but if your social media game is strong enough and you know how to attract people, this is also an excellent online work from home option for those who are looking out to work from home.

Data Entry

You must be familiar with software such as MS Office, MS Excel, etc. Data entry is as easy as it sounds. You just need a decent laptop/desktop, fast internet, and fast typing skills to grab this job. This also an incredible online work from home job option if you meet the necessary requirements. Also, you can work as per your schedule. If you are confident on taking this path of a job, you can create your profile on websites such as Freelancer.com and SimplyHired.com.


Now, this is something many of you go opt. Indeed, YouTube is an amazing platform for being a BYOB (be your own boss). There are many factors you need to consider before stepping into this void. The very first thing that you are going to need is content. There are many domains available such as Lifestyle, Electronics and Technology, Music, Reactions to other people’s content and so on. You have to choose your strong area and try to create content on the topic. You must let go of the fear of appearing in front of the camera if you have any. You’ll need a good shooting equipment in order to attract people to your channel. You are also going to need good video editing skills on software such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Lightworks or After Effects or if you are using a device with iOS, you can buy Final Cut Pro. A well-edited video is always appreciated by people. For starters, you can follow those who have a good number of subscribers on their channel. They usually share their experience from time to time so you won’t have a problem knowing how to start. The most difficult part of having a channel on YouTube is an expansion of your channel. Your channel is only going to grow if you have something that is creative and it will attract people’s’ attention. The payment method on YouTube is not easy. With a current update in their monetary policies, it is mandatory to have at least a 1000 subscriber. But once you have what it takes, there’s no stopping you. You will be recognized as a celebrity then.

 Campus Ambassador

This type of work from job is something that plays a very instrumental role in college students’ life. Many students wish to make more connections to their university. This is the perfect opportunity to get connected to the students by promoting a brand in your college. You need to have good communication skills. This can be an online work from home job. Many brands need their branding in universities, you just need to apply to become a campus ambassador. You can search online jobs work from home section in apps such as GigIndia.


Now, all these work from home jobs have different requirement and you will need to waste a lot of time searching for the appropriate job. But need not worry, you have an excellent pocket money application waiting for you. GigIndia shows all the types of jobs such as online work from home, part-time work from home jobs that one might score having a particular set of skills. You can specifically search in your domain on the type of job or internship you want to have. The pay is good too.  Download GigIndia from PlayStore to get ahead of everyone!

7 Amazing Benefits Of Part-Time Jobs While Studying

Working while studying away from your home is a necessity for many students. And it is a voluntary decision for others. To get some extra pocket money and to start saving for post-secondary education, teenagers and young adults work part-time jobs, mostly after college working predominantly at restaurants and any other small firms. Indeed, there are many critics of teenagers who decide to work hours a week at a job after college, particularly it distracts teens from studying and focusing on their grades. This is the positive decision made by teens and college students because it is one step closer to responsible adulthood.

Whether or not this is relevant because it gives teens an opportunity to develop a work ethic and also helps students to balance their monthly budget and understand how to earn a buck in this social world. Studies have shown that working on part-time jobs not just increases focus and time management but is highly beneficial to their long-term career goals.

There are multiple benefits of online part time jobs during your college years, even if they aren’t glamorous or high paying.

  1. Students build valuable work experience:

This experience demonstrates that they are able to successfully balance work and education at the same time. Some students choose to take up a part-time to gain some work experience before officially entering the working world. This can be a very useful opportunity to expose yourself to the working world, making your transition after graduation a smoother one. Also, this can also serve as a chance for you to recognize your interests. Even this will help you to add some valuable entries on your resume.

  1. Opportunity for financial support:

Of course, money is the factor that leads you toward a part time work. You can pay your bills, tuition fee, buy the required things and that’ll reduce the burden of your study expenses over your parents.  But one thing is for sure is that students who attain a job outside of college can gain a certain understanding about earning money, balancing the budget and the concept of a paycheck.

  1. Constructive use for free time:

Being free for a day often leads to lose concerntration and focus on your work. It impacts negatively on your life. Instead get a productive job where you can learn and interact with different people based on your interests and this will always keep you active all the day for anything you do. The main advantage on using this time is you earn from it which you can spend on your needs.

  1. Healthy transition to adulthood:

Holding down a job is a stepping stone to adulthood and responsible person. With a part time job, students are able to better practice independence and self-reliance. Coming from a background of poverty, allowing them to find the opportunity to live ba etter life.

  1. May earn higher grades in school:

Studies have shown that students who work 10 to 15 hours a week during the school year earn higher grades than students who don’t work at all. There is a reason behind this because those students are more focused to complete their work.

  1. Exercise for future opportunities:

Conducting a job search as a student is a great time to teach students skills like filling out an application, writing a resume, and learning how to give a good interview. Mastering in these skills at younger age can help students to get prepared. The experience will help you stand out from the crowd at interview; you can begin networking with others in your chosen field.

  1. Spark lifelong careers:

One would hope that a student’s part time job  doesn’t turn out to be a career, but working small odd jobs as a students can prove to be a career booster nonetheless .

When it comes to part time jobs from home, flexible timing and zero commuting are the prime needs that are fulfilled. GigIndia is a platform where you can do full time and part time jobs as well.

Why GigIndia?

The answer to this is very simple. GigIndia is a platform for students which provides you experience with practical concepts instead of just learning theory. Communicating with clients , interacting with people, solving their problems, providing improvisation for gigs, content auditing , creating content through blogs and vlogs which are trending now worldwide. GigIndia basically allows you to express your knowledge practically, allows you to apply them in real world. GigIndia helps you to understand how the corporate world works and how the incubator of a organization works, customer relationship and all other aspects for a good career.

GigIndia doesn’t ask students for any investments, it only asks you your skills and provide you with the best internships and part time jobs. As the gig task is done by a student it is approved by the team and the student earns pocket money .Overall there are different types of part time jobs offered in GigIndia.

  • Blogging
  • Vlogging
  • Campus ambassador
  • Content Auditing
  • Social media influencing
  • Content Creating

As per the student he can opt on his interests. Part time job from home is made easy by GigIndia. You just have to download the app and fill in your details and you are ready to work with GigIndia.

4 Facts Which Reflect The Importance Of Internships

An internship is a training of sorts given to employees who wish to attain corporate or white collar jobs. College internships are especially important in this economy. The first benefit is that you are able to get work experience in the program you’re studying and you’ll be building your resume with relevant experience. More opportunities and doors will be open to you. Secondly and probably most importantly, you begin to increase your network in that industry. Your internship can lead to a full-time job once you graduate. So work hard and make an impact on the organization. Also, it’s important to stay in touch with the individuals you work with and meet during your internship.

Hopefully, they’ll think of you when a paid position is available. You’ll also have an opportunity to see what a particular job, company and industry is like before you get to the point of applying for full-time jobs. This is a huge benefit that you may not appreciate when you’re still in school. I recommend that you look for programs that include paid internship opportunities and have relationships with employers in the industry you’re interested in. This will make it easier to land an internship and hopefully eventually secure a full-time job.

Internships are important not only for students but also for the companies. Not only are businesses competing against each other for a competitive advantage, but people are also competing to land that coveted position in a company.

Even your buddy who graduated with you in college has become your competition. The list below is compiled for you to know why partaking in college internships are important for your future career.

  1. Internship provides a lifetime experience and Exposure:
    It allows students to harness the skill, knowledge, and theoretical practice you learned in college. Even experience of trying something new is beneficiary. Doing internship exposes you to new people and gets you out from your comfort zone. And getting out of your comfort zone is the first step towards success. You will have the chance to learn first-hand about potential careers without a long-term commitment.
  2. Enhancing your CV:
    Instead of thinking long-term goals, think for short-term goals like instead of thinking about how to land good job think of securing a good interview. And Internships are the perfect way to enhance your resume through relevant experience. When an employer sees that you have had an internship before they think as you are assest for their company instead of a liability for the company. During your internship you can acquire new skills and abilities which are use full for your job and can be listed in your resume also.
  3. Developing Network:
    Expanding your professional network is very important to land you a well paid job. Partaking in internships will allow you to interact with strangers one on one. The biggest mistake people make in the professional company is that people don’t get connected and doesn’t maintain a relationship with others. Networking can occur anywhere anytime. Interacting with people with the ultimate goal of establishing acquaintances and relationships to advance your professional career.
  4. Conversion:
    The transition of your internship in full-time job is also offered by many organizations as your performance. The internship is building blocks essential for creating a path to a successful career. Internship jobs programs are stressful and might be difficult to organize, yet their manifold benefits to both concerned parties will exceed the cons. Often to fill out application forms, you may be asked to answer long essay questions about yourself and why you are interested in the company. It takes a lot of research to perfect that and also your resume.

If you’re lucky enough an HR may call you up for the interview. Obviously, there will be other students too looking for an internship. So, there would be a lot of competition too. Even after all these rounds, you might get rejected from the company and all your efforts and hard work to write applications and prepare for interviews could go in vain with just a “no” from the company.

If you’re ready to apply for an internship for college students, apply now at GigIndia an opt the type of internship of your choice. GigIndia has made it very easy. You just have to download their app and continue with the Gig tasks. You are paid when the task is approved by the company.

GigIndia is a dedicated workforce of students that work for advertising and promoting brands. GigIndia allows you to search internship in Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, almost all the metropolitan city.

If you want towork with top brand companies, GigIndia is only the top solution who gives you the opportunity to work at such places. Even you resume will be so strong after doing student internships here. Your resume will thank you. PayTm, phonepe, Mi such brand are collaborated with GigIndia.

The Secret of Earning Pocket Money Online: Earn Through These 2 Ways

Are you in need of money or looking to earn more pocket money?

Do you run out of your monthly pocket money much before the month ends and remain feeling helpless for the remaining part of the month? Do you wish you had a little extra pocket money to splurge on shopping, travelling and other activities you love doing? Are you planning to start up a side business idea while studying, but don’t have extra pocket money to invest on? If any of this applies to you or you are just someone willing to learn how to earn pocket money, keep reading further.

But, please know that there is no magic and you will not be crazy rich by these ways. Earning pocket money legitimately needs some patience and perseverance.

How to earn pocket money?

Unlike the sea of fake data entry jobs, paid to click jobs, surveys, and various others that are out there in the internet, you don’t need a lot of time and a huge investment. Whereas, you can earn pocket money with simple pocket money jobs like creating a short video if you have good video editing skills or by doing social media marketing if you have a good number of people following you on social media. All you’re going to need to earn some extra pocket money is some free time, a skill you are passionate about, an internet connection and a smartphone to download a good pocket money app. With a legit pocket money app download or a genuine website, you can always earn some legit extra income with a little time and absolutely no investment!

Platform where you can earn pocket money.

It gets very exhausting to find a promising company or legit pocket money jobs in the pool of bogus scams even after enough research, especially one that has flexible timings and requires zero commuting. A legitimate platform doesn’t ask for any investment from students. It only asks that students must have good interpersonal skills, common sense and friendliness.

Some of the trusted platforms to earn money include GigIndia, Upwork, Freelance etc.
When you sign up on these pocket money apps, you get to decide what you want to do and how you want to earn. You can choose to write, make videos, do search engine optimization, graphic designing and the list is endless.

We recommend you to join GigIndia. When a student signs up on GigIndia, he/she has the freedom to choose from one of the numerous gigs or small tasks from the website. If a gig done by a student is right then it gets approved by the website and the student earns their share of pocket money! To add to it, students get the right exposure and the necessary experience needed as they work with top brands like Paytm, Phonepe, Grabon, Mi, and the list goes on.

GigIndia also offers paid technical and non technical internships. An internship will make the students better potential employees. They will gain real experience and also get to build new connections.  This also helps them in communicating in a professional environment by attending meetings and events. Their resume this gets an edge over the other students.

2 ways to earn pocket money:

 Let’s talk about 4 of the simplest ways by which you can earn some pocket money online.

  • Blogging or content writing: If you are very good with grammar and also have a flair for writing, you can chose to write online blogs or articles. There are many sites like Upwork, Freelance, HubPages, Bukisa and many more, where you can submit blogs and get paid for it or you can pitch potential employers, who will give you topics that you need to write engaging content on and you get paid for it when your content gets approved.


  • Vlogging or Video creation: There are many companies that will actually pay you for creating video content for them. If you have good video editing skills and believe you can make engaging videos, this is the job for you. GigIndia is a pocket money app that lets you earn by vlogging. With good video editing skills, you can eventually also open up a YouTube channel, select your niche and then start earning money from vlogging on YouTube and start your own business!


So these are some of the simplest ways by which you can earn money online. There are various other options like search engine optimization, selling your own products, doing a course and many others but they require a lot more time and effort than the ones mentioned above. With the above pocket money jobs, you not just earn pocket money but also gain a lot of experience and exposure that is going to add brownie points to your resume.