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Why does your business require Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is the possibility of promoting your brand or business through prominent personalities in their Social Networks. Social Media Influencers are ‘people like us’ who post on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter about anything from travel, luxury hotels, yoga, fitness, fashion to beauty. This technique is brilliant and effective for a simple reason: People trust the opinion of influencers almost as much as on their relatives or friends.

A Micro Influencer is an influential person within Social Networks, but on a much smaller scale. They enjoy a good reputation and a large number of followers within their specific fields. These include, for example, popular students who may be able to influence their peers.

Micro Influencer:

  • They have between the broad range of 1000 and 10000 followers.
  • Create content with which their audience is truly interested and can relate to it and find inspiration.
  • They interact a fewer number  followers but have a close contact with them.
  • The engagement in terms of Likes, Comments and Shares is smaller but, their influence is much more “palpable”.

How Can Influencer Marketing Help Your Brand?

A significant return on investment (ROI) is always a top goal when it comes to any marketing campaign, but with influencer marketing, the objectives and results aren’t so black and white. This strategy isn’t just about short term return, it’s about so much more. With the right type of micro-influencers in your corner, the possibilities are endless.

In India, Influencer Marketing exists both, online and offline. Here are 8 reasons you should consider choosing GigIndia to kick start your next (or first) influencer marketing campaign:

  • Creating Brand Awareness
    If you are still new on the scene – your brand name, logo, tagline, etc. may not be recognized yet to your target audience. But by associating your product or service with a meaning, a message and a promise using influencer marketing, your brand can become more memorable and trustworthy.When members from your target niche group see your product or service and all of its “wow” factors on their favorite blogger’s blog or vlogger’s vlog – they’re more likely to identify your brand and associate it with something positive. They’re now, simply put, “aware of your brand.” The more people who hear about your brand being discussed by their favorite influencers – the more identifiable your brand becomes. This increases the brand recall for your target audience.
  • Gain Trust
    Micro-influencers have a powerful connect with their fans and followers. So, the chances that your brand will gain trust by association – are pretty good. They trust the influencer and the influencer trusts you – its a simple math!This type of advertising is without doubt, more natural-looking at first glance than other forms. Influencers often times blend brands organically within a story they’re telling instead of just shouting, “Hey! Go and buy this thing!” So, although banner ads and other forms of advertising are still necessary for optimal success, a combination of both can attract a wider variety of interested parties.
  • Build a Buzz/Exposure
    The more individuals who join the conversation about your company the better because it creates a peer pressure within the group to drive your target audience towards your products and services. The more eyeballs that are exposed to your brand – the greater your chances of creating a loud buzz across some very oversaturated markets.
  • Targeted Keywords
    With social media marketing, you can get your brand positioned alongside the words and phrases that your prospects and customers are searching for. Social media influencers in your industry can help associate your company with certain terms – the ones that you’re trying to rank for – in the SERPs.
  • A Pre-shopping Check
    The aforementioned survey by GigIndia reveals that 60% of millennials consult a blog before making a purchase. Among older adults, 18.3% men and 10% women turn to blogs, before making a purchase decision.Admittedly, most of us have been influenced by a post or at the least, run a Google search after spotting a product on our social media feed. There is much power of a well-planned influencer marketing strategy. The importance of micro-influencers has been on the rise over the last few years in India. Connecting with the right influencers can help deliver your message to the target audience in an organic manner.
  • Acquire Backlinks
    Backlinks to your company website and blog pages needs a solid mix of follow and no-follow links and influencer marketing is a definite way to secure back links links from credible, respected, high-domain authority sites, which can contribute to your overall SEO value.
  • No Ad Blockers
    Many devices use an ad blocker of some kind. Social media influencer marketing allows you to get your message and product or service out there without getting cut off from your target audience by this popular software – and micro-influencers can help you get that message across to the right people.
  • Long-Term Success Goals
    A lot of the content that comes from influencer collaborations remains active for extended periods of time or indefinitely (while a website or channel is still active), so a campaign that goes live tomorrow can easily have an impact the day after, two weeks down the line or who knows – maybe 2 years from now.
  • Measurability
    These days, every aspect of digital marketing is measurable. With Google Analytics and custom URLS, coupon codes, and a marketing firm’s secret tracking sauce, there’s no more guessing – it’s all about reporting.

Why Find GigIndia Micro-Influencers on GigIndia?

Here are top 5 reasons why companies choose micro-influencers from GigIndia:

  • Micro Influencers delivers higher post engagement.
  • They are more cost-effective.
  • Micro Influencers provides higher conversion rate.
  • Influencers are available for both, online and offline campaigns.
  • The entire campaign is managed by the GigIndia team for you.

How Does GigIndia Find the Right Micro-Influencers?

Here are 7 aspects GigIndia team keeps in mind while selecting your micro-influencer:

  • Goal of your marketing campaign
    This is the first thing to consider when finding the right social media micro-influencer. A clear list of goals you want achieve with your campaign helps. For example, do you want to generate more leads for your business? Do you want your posts to be shared on social media? You can have many other goals which the GigIndia team can help you with.
  • Audience You Want to Reach Out
    Based on the goals of your influencer marketing campaign, the GigIndia team will help you to find the right online or offline influencer who will align with your brand’s buyer personas. You will be able to find local micro influencers based on their geographic location or demographics (age and gender).
  • Does Influencer Already use your products
    If you work with a micro-influencer that’s already using your product or service, it has several benefits. The partnership will be more natural and appears more genuine to followers. Also, if the micro-influence is already a fan of your product he or she are more likely to work for a lower fee.
  • Content that the micro-influencer posting
    This is a very important aspect to keep in mind while finalizing micro influencer for your campaign.> The micro-influence must be aligned with your perceived brand image. It is important that the posts created for you should look natural post and there should be no mismatch with their earlier content.
  • Post Engagement
    GigIndia team constantly reviews the social media accounts of the micro-influencer to see how many likes, comments, and shares each post gets to ensure that the influencer marketing campaign becomes more effective. The algorithm of most of the social media platforms works in the favor of posts with the highest number of engagements. Hence, the higher the engagement rate the influencer gets, the more effective the campaign can be.
  • Platform that micro-influencer are using
    The most basic factor that GigIndia team uses for evaluating influencer marketing budget is which social media platform is your target audience. With each social media platform having its own “market” rate, Instagram is the most preferred choice for social media influencer marketing followed by Facebook.
  • How to compensate them
    A flat payment per post? Free product? Promo codes? There are many ways that you will be able to work out a compensation structure for your micro-influencers with GigIndia.

USPs of GigIndia for Mobile App Promotion

While our process depends on the channels and our clients goals that we are managing, our workstyle focuses on:

Accurate Expertise

We specialize in the student network and we don’t oversell ourselves or try to manage marketing efforts that we don’t have a solid reach in. In this manner, we ensure our clients have a positive experience in working with us.

Value-add Insights

While our partners contract us for specific channels, such as just blog content, we often contribute additional recommendations as we identify them, such as user feedback collection or suggestions on brand promotion.


We don’t hide performance from partners, even when we are encountering challenges. We share them as they arise and figure out how to overcome them, either enlisting our partners to help or at the least keeping them informed.

How to Sign Up and Start a Campaign?

GigIndia works in a very transparent way with you. Our process normally encompasses these general components:

Stage 1. Initial consultation

The first touch point is the contact form. After you share details about your requirement, we follow up with an an informal, open session where partners can pick our brains on mobile app promotion, our experience and our recommendations. We, in turn, ask questions to understand what our client’s needs and goals are and whether we are a good fit.

Stage 2. Setting up goals

What is the KPI that matters most to your business? We use these KPIs to inform our operations team, technical team and to define our criteria for success – whether it’s maximizing installs, in-app engagement events or another KPI.

Stage 3. Developing the proposal

After the initial consultation and once we learn our partner’s goals, we create a specific set of recommendations and an execution plan designed to accomplish those goals, and then review the proposal with our partners stakeholders, answering any questions they have along the way.

Stage 4. Strategy buildout

We perform the research, set up the creatives, build the targeting and campaigns and start the A/B tests as called for from the agreed-upon plan.

Stage 5. Execution!

When we turn the app promotion live, we constantly review to make sure things are working well and if not we make adjustments.

Stage 7. Developing the reporting rhythm

We create transparent documents for our clients to see what changes we are making and to analyze our performance, with our client’s KPI as the focus.

And of course, meetings with clients

We recommend a weekly or bi-weekly catch up, though for some partners we hold email or Slack-based digital check-ins. We mold to our partner’s communication style and preferences; we have driven to local clients for in-person meetings, and we have blocked out several hours availability for busy clients.


Who works on partners’ projects?

The operations team based from Pune works on all the projects. They are supported by teams based out of various cities and regions in India. The operations team is also supported by the evaluation team which ensures that only correct submissions are approved and shared with the partners. Also, we have a strong technical team which helps with automation of the process and setting up the gigs on the app.

The main point of contact (POC) for the partners is the Business Development team which had made the initial contact and presented the solution to the partner team.

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