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Why does your business require content writing services?

Come away with me, just for a moment. Use your imagination, and let us meet a few competitors at a workshop.

There we are in a big hotel conference room, discussing business trying to show ourselves bigger than the rest.

Are you with me? Good. Pay attention now.

After a sip of espresso, a competitor is bragging about their massive organic traffic and the amount of business that this is bringing to them even when everyone in the market is complaining about the market being “down”. You learn that they have fresh content about their business added at various customer touch points and this is driving traffic to them.

Are you still thinking whether your business needs to hire a content writing service or not?

When expenses are involved, questions are understandable. After all, there are very few people who actually understand the importance of quality content. It is very difficult to spend money on something you don’t grasp. Often, people don’t want to spend as much money on content writing as they spend on a typical weekend team outing. This is primarily because they don’t realize how important fresh  content writing is for their business.

How do you know your business requires content writing services?

  • You are a small business or a start-up:
    A small business or a start-up business has unique content marketing requirements. They will not have a huge budget to have a massive budget to launch their content marketing strategy and take their niche by storm. A start-up will have a step-by-step approach in order to achieve its goals. Therefore, it’s better to go for a student content writer who can provide you tailored content writing services.
  • Your business does not have enough office space:
    If your business does not have enough office space then you definitely require a student content writer who can work remotely. This way he or she doesn’t have to come to your office and occupy your space. You also save on running expenses such as internet, electricity, etc.
  • You don’t want to spend money and hire a full-time employee:
    Hiring a full-time employee is a huge commitment. You may also have to pay to the HR company, you will have to file taxes, you may also have to spend money on insurance and you may have to give different benefits to your employee. Apart from that expense you will also need to dedicate a computer or laptop to your new content writer. You will have to pay for the required software, connectivity and electricity bill. You will also be paying him or her when he or she is not working and simply spending time on Facebook or browsing for research. There are so many other expenses that you will have to incur. On the other hand, if you hire a student content writer who works remotely, you can avoid all these expenses. You simply pay for what you get.
  • You can hire many student content writers:
    What if you don’t like the content writer you have hired? Maybe the person is not up to the mark or does not understand what you really need? Maybe he or she is a bad writer altogether? Whatever may be the case, you critically need another content writer and you cannot randomly fire the one you have hired. Also, you will be able to hire one or a couple of people. This is not the case if you hire a student content writer through GigIndia. You can hire many student content writers at once and have plenty of content around your brand created in a short span of time.

If you agree with these points, then your business requires a student content writers who can work remotely for you.


What are the advantages of a student Content Writing Service?

The Content Marketing Institute reported that 65 percent of content marketers say their biggest challenge is producing enough content to satisfy market demand. GigIndia is able to help companies crowd source their content requirements. Thus, a small company may be able to provide answers to questions that its customers are probably looking for answers online. By crowdsourcing with Gigindia, your company is able build content at various touch points around these questions that customers frequently ask and can increase traffic while establishing the position of your company as a thought leader.

Here are 8 benefits from using a crowdsourced content writing service:

  1. Lower Cost of Content Generation
    Small companies with limited budgets utilize content crowdsourcing often via the internet. So, they do not need to provide the computers, paper goods, office space, and other tangible needs of the employees filling these roles. As a result, the company is able to pour more of its resources into other core areas for expansion. Crowdsourcing is becoming more than just a popular fancy. All types of businesses are harnessing the problem-solving powers of crowdsourcing content writing.
  2. Improve Your Search Engine Ranking
    Google search ranking is a highly competitive field. A first page of a Google search drastically enhances the company’s profile and the traffic that you get. An important benefit of hiring a crowdsourced content writing service is that it ensures your website gets a higher ranking in the search engines. Whether your company is in need of blogs, product reviews or self experience stories, student content writers can reach and engage your target audiences in an efficient manner. By adding keyword centric content content to your blogs and all your owned properties, student content writers will be able to create much visibility for your company at a low cost.
  3. Higher Creativity
    The maxim that “many hands make light work” applies to very well to students. Within a traditional team — whether that team is marketing, sales, or management — the quantity and quality of ideas generated in a given team meeting is somewhat dependent on how many people are in attendance. By crowdsourcing your content writing requirements to GigIndia, the number of smart people who can be involved in a project is almost limitless.
  4. Crowdsourcing Speeds Up the Content Creation Process
    As a small company owner, you will never have enough resources to create the amount of content you wants to create. If you’ve been writing blog content for any length of time you’ll realize it can be tedious and difficult to get a regularly scheduled article published. Writer’s block, major deadlines, vacation and other business emergencies can get in the way. With sites like GigIndia, you can employ a scalable crowd of students for your content writing. No matter how many articles you write every week, more is always better. With scalable labor, the only limitation to posting many articles every day is your budget. You will have to however remember, that crowdsourcing article writing projects do require moderation & feedback. But it does help the content writer get around the “writer’s block” problem.
  5. Content Writing Gets Your Customers & Potential Customers Involved
    GigIndia builds in options for your community to produce great content. Letting your target audience get involved is like giving the mic to someone at a conference. People love share their opinions. Customers and prospects providing input are not only valuable for your market research team, but is now being used as content marketing to attract others potential customers who feel the same way. Plus, giving your target audience their 15 minutes of fame creates a bond that’s hard to break, making them naturally more loyal to your brand.
  6. Get Your Target Audience Invested
    Crowdsourcing is a great way to engage people. By crowdsourcing your content writing requirement with GigIndia, your customers and potential customers will get involved and actually tell you how to sell to them. Also, because they were involved with the process, they’re also now invested. Crowdsourcing can help a business to engages with current and potential customers to get their feedback. This content provides a way for businesses to engage one-on-one with existing and potential customers and listen to them. Customers want to be heard and crowdsourcing content writing is a great way for small businesses to make a customer feel valued!Remember the last time you helped make something or were involved with a big project? How many people did you tell?  Everyone! Imagine if you were to get a guest post on platform? You would tell everyone you know because you’d be invested in it.
  7. Diversity and Creative Choice
    One of the main draws of using a content writing service like GigIndia is that you will have students from across India and various fields of study working on creating content for you. Imagine what your content would look like if you or your internal team created it. It wouldn’t necessarily be bad, but over time, your content would begin to look similar. Once you turn this over to crowdsourcing, you begin picking from multiple writers from many locations, cultures and fields of study. The diverse outlooks these individuals bring to the table is invaluable. And this is only for the first step in the process.Apply this benefit of diversity, your target audience will begin to show you all the different ways they want to be approached – They’ll essentially be giving you your ideal marketing strategy.
  8. Getting Fresh Ideas
    One of the benefits of crowdsourcing content writing is that it is an efficient way of getting fresh ideas to present your product and  business in a new light. India is a country with the largest student population in the world. Crowdsourcing with GigIndia is a fast way to generate new ideas, feedback, and information on your business and services from this massive pool of resources.

How can you partner with GigIndia for content writing services?

There are many ways by which you can partner with GigIndia:

  1. Blog Writing Service
    A good blog is engaging, conversational and holds the attention of the reader. The student blog writers working on your assignment will delivering structured posts rich in content and at the same time, adhering to your unique requirements.
    Here are some benefits of using GigIndia’s blog writing service:

    1. Complete blog management – understanding your business, writing, and posting.
    2. Blog writers from across India will be invited to apply for your assignment.
    3. Blogs will be compliant with SEO practices.
    4. 100% unique, original content
    5. A large number of blogs for a low cost.
  2. Article Writing Service
    Experienced online businesses know the value of the voice of the customer. By getting your target audience get involved, you can not only increase your exposure by publishing articles, but also build credibility for your business.
    Here are some benefits of using GigIndia’s article writing service:

    1. Articles writing by your target audience.
    2. Low price, high quality article writing service.
    3. 100% original content, Copyscape proof
    4. Articles compliant with SEO practices.
  3. Travel Writing Service
    Travel writing connects with the readers when it both informs and entertains. The idea here is to paint a picture before the prospective traveler – if you succeed in doing this, you have successfully presented a good travel writing piece to your audience. A student travel writer can deliver the punch needed in a travel piece – be it a guide, article or memoir.
    Here are some benefits of using GigIndia’s article writing service:

    1. High quality travel writing service.
    2. 100% unique content, tailored to your specifications.
    3. Content rights will be owned by you.
    4. Travel writing in different styles.
    5. Low prices, value deals.
    6. Quick turnaround.
  4. Social Media Post Content Writing
    Social media is a huge opportunity for a business to promote and manage its brand image. Students are the most active community creating content on the current and trending topics on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The power of social media is tremendous and online channels have now emerged as dynamic platforms to promote and market products, services and ideas. We provide a range of social media writing, posting, and buzz creation services to help you directly or indirectly market your offerings through online social media.
    Here are some benefits of using GigIndia’s social media content writing service:

    1. Creative and insightful posts to engage customers.
    2. Social media experts across niches.
    3. Regular updates to keep your customers coming back for more.
    4. Prices that will make you smile.
  5. Product Review Writing Services
    A word-of-mouth publicity is arguably the most powerful form of marketing ever. Product review writing services from GigIndia can significantly help you boost the credibility of your business. Customers want to be heard and crowdsourcing review writing is a great way for businesses to listen to the voice of the customer.
    Here are some benefits of using GigIndia’s social media content writing service:

    1. Actual reviews by real customers.
    2. Feedback from users from multiple locations around India.
    3. This is an effective marketing tool since it is highly likely to influence the decision of a prospective customer.
    4. Prices that will make you smile.
  6. Email Newsletter Content Writing Service
    The Indian education system combined with natural talent has produced technical writers, authors, artists and many other experts. Indian students have a high level of English writing and editing skills along with a literary history. There are a large number of qualified people ready, willing and able to provide quality content for a variety of media and for a variety of customers.
    Here are some benefits of using GigIndia’s email content writing service:

    1. Fresh content for the newsletters available on a regular basis.
    2. Content writers who can write on different topics.
    3. Diverse of resources available from different parts of India.
    4. Low cost and reliable service.
  7. And more…
    GigIndia can customise offerings to align the specific requirement of your business.

USPs of GigIndia for Mobile App Promotion

While our process depends on the channels and our clients goals that we are managing, our workstyle focuses on:

Accurate Expertise

We specialize in the student network and we don’t oversell ourselves or try to manage marketing efforts that we don’t have a solid reach in. In this manner, we ensure our clients have a positive experience in working with us.

Value-add Insights

While our partners contract us for specific channels, such as just blog content, we often contribute additional recommendations as we identify them, such as user feedback collection or suggestions on brand promotion.


We don’t hide performance from partners, even when we are encountering challenges. We share them as they arise and figure out how to overcome them, either enlisting our partners to help or at the least keeping them informed.

How to Sign Up and Start a Campaign?

GigIndia works in a very transparent way with you. Our process normally encompasses these general components:

Stage 1. Initial consultation

The first touch point is the contact form. After you share details about your requirement, we follow up with an an informal, open session where partners can pick our brains on mobile app promotion, our experience and our recommendations. We, in turn, ask questions to understand what our client’s needs and goals are and whether we are a good fit.

Stage 2. Setting up goals

What is the KPI that matters most to your business? We use these KPIs to inform our operations team, technical team and to define our criteria for success – whether it’s maximizing installs, in-app engagement events or another KPI.

Stage 3. Developing the proposal

After the initial consultation and once we learn our partner’s goals, we create a specific set of recommendations and an execution plan designed to accomplish those goals, and then review the proposal with our partners stakeholders, answering any questions they have along the way.

Stage 4. Strategy buildout

We perform the research, set up the creatives, build the targeting and campaigns and start the A/B tests as called for from the agreed-upon plan.

Stage 5. Execution!

When we turn the app promotion live, we constantly review to make sure things are working well and if not we make adjustments.

Stage 7. Developing the reporting rhythm

We create transparent documents for our clients to see what changes we are making and to analyze our performance, with our client’s KPI as the focus.

And of course, meetings with clients

We recommend a weekly or bi-weekly catch up, though for some partners we hold email or Slack-based digital check-ins. We mold to our partner’s communication style and preferences; we have driven to local clients for in-person meetings, and we have blocked out several hours availability for busy clients.


Who works on partners’ projects?

The operations team based from Pune works on all the projects. They are supported by teams based out of various cities and regions in India. The operations team is also supported by the evaluation team which ensures that only correct submissions are approved and shared with the partners. Also, we have a strong technical team which helps with automation of the process and setting up the gigs on the app.

The main point of contact (POC) for the partners is the Business Development team which had made the initial contact and presented the solution to the partner team.

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