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A channel partner is a company or a person that partners with other companies to market and sell their products or services. This is normally executed through a co-branding alliance. Channel partners may be distributors, retailers, consultants, technology deployment consultancies, and value-added resellers and other such organizations.

As the name recommends, a channel partner is a delegate of the parent organization at the specific geographic area. A channel partner might be required to join contracts, handle legitimate commitments, offer discussion or even visit a client if condition requests.

The main role of any partner is to increase the value provided to the customer. Channel partner is responsible for creating sales or marketing for the company. Communication skills are very necessary to a good channel partner.

GigIndia is a platform exclusively curated for the students. GigIndia aims at connecting the students with different industries, top brands, and companies through various tasks on its Android app. Students can earn quick pocket money by performing pocket money tasks for top brands. To become a channel partner for GigIndia you have to be very active in your network and circle. You have to do promotional activities for GigIndia. Along with promotional activities you have to increase the no of downloads of GigIndia’s App.

As a GigIndia channel partner, you are eligible for receiving high sales commissions while growing your customer base. You as a Partner will increase constant profit from your deals. This empowers you to frame more grounded client connections and appreciate long haul benefits.

At GigIndia, we are always looking for our App users that they can earn money online. If you would like to join us on our journey, we would love to hear from you. Work with us. Become a channel partner and together we can be great.

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Find Opportunities to Earn, Learn and More: Access to rewarding opportunities from Top brands

In terms of making money in college, I suppose the maximum essential thing is to make bigger your ability set and resume for the equal time. College is a great time to learn, grow, and figure out what kind of person you want to become. Granted, you also have to find a way to survive and pay the bills, but you also have your entire life to work.


College should be a time where you hustle and push yourself to the limits. Don’t just settle for a boring job at your local coffee shop where you don’t learn much. Yes, work to support yourself, but take on other challenges to make money that will also make you grow as a person.

Earning while learning will make 2 major problems very easy in every student’s life such as lack of money and the pressure to build a good future! There are many websites and pocket money apps who can offer you opportunities for earning money. With mostly being fake, I have found GigIndia mobile app to be quite helpful in earning money online.

GigIndia revolves around the idea of imparting internships and micro-jobs for college students from top brands! It’s far extraordinary from other similar websites/applications in a way that you can earn money immediately by means of completing gigs on this application! We offer smooth promotional gigs in addition to micro-jobs from top brands.

There is a very famous line in a movie that if you get a chance, just help three people and ask each of these three people to help three more people and so on. You also have to do the similar thing. So even if you are just referring to your friend and asking each of them to refer more people and so on, the kind of network will help you to earn a handsome income. Currently, GigIndia is having the same practice where you have to refer and earn gig in which you can refer, overview and rate our software to earn a lot of cash day by day! Don’t miss out on this opportunity. So I propose you to go over to the PlayStore find Earn GigIndia and begin earning pocket money now!

Many people are earning by doing several part time jobs on this pocket money app. What you have to do is invest your presence and energy. Why waste your time in playing video games while you can earn pocket money just by doing some promotional activities. GigIndia offers easy promotional gigs for you to earn some pocket money, so I think this application is worth checking out for you!

All you have to do is download the application and complete one single gig to verify this! Here, you can use your technical or non-technical skills to earn money online or by doing an internship for top brands like Uber, Grabon, Treebo, Cashify, Honor, Roposo, etc! So I suggest you visit our application today itself and look for some work which you are capable of doing. There is a premium subscription fee with many more benefits if you wish to be a GigIndian, however, you can continue doing gigs as a regular user too!

Content Writing Guidelines 1 (Users)

This document presents guidelines for creating a content that you write. The goal of this documentation is to make the best content so that it will attract the readers. With that in mind, please read these guidelines carefully to create the best content. I will be outlining 6 recommendations, which will help make your content really successful.

Make sure you send your content in *.Docx or *.pdf format only to this ID: The subject line has to be “Blog Submission for Users”.

Keep Your Audience in Mind

Consider who will be reading and using your content? What are they looking for, and what do they need? Be sure the tone, language and organization of content are appropriate for your audience.

Write Meaningful Headers

Readers rely on headers to navigate on-page content. Choose proper words for headers and subheaders that clearly describe the idea of content.

Make Short and Crisp Paragraphs

Users hate reading big blocks of paragraphs. Moreover, a lot of text will make your article look boring. Because of this, they might not even read your post completely, which would be a real waste of your time and efforts. The contents will become readable if the paragraph sizes are constrained inside 5 to 6 lines.

Limit Content to 2000 Words

Make sure your articles have a minimum of 2000 words.  And, as a general rule of thumb: try to put your keywords in about 1 to 2 percent of your text. So in an article of 2000 words, you should mention your search terms 15 to 20 times.

Choosing the Right Keywords

Use Below keywords:

  • pocket money
  • pocket money app
  • earn pocket money
  • part time jobs
  • online part time jobs
  • part time job apps
  • internships
  • online internships
  • paid internships
  • student internships
  • work from home
  • work from home jobs

Internal Linking

Googles use clickable links to find out what content on your site is most related. An internal link connects one page of a website to a different page on the same website. It’s important to use the right anchor text for internal linking. The anchor text is the clickable text that visitors see.



Content Writing Guidelines 2 (Business)

Want to learn how to write the perfect blog post? I am sharing the elements and ideas that will help you to write nice content. Apply it to your own blog and see a big difference in your own results.

Make sure you send your content in *.Docx or *.pdf format only to this ID: The subject line has to be “Blog Submission for Business”. 

Always put yourself in reader’s shoes. Consider who will be reading and using your content?

Pay Attention to Your Heading

Gripping titles and introductions make your readers want to read your post right away. Try to use keywords in 1st three words of the title.

Use Short Paragraph

Look at any article and notice how short the paragraphs are. Readers used to prefer small paragraphs to read. The standard size of the paragraph should be a 3-5 line and entire paragraph should not be more than 100 words.

Limit Content to 2000 Words

Make sure your content length is minimum 2000 words. Be sure to maintain keywords density throughout the content. You can add plenty of quality advice and examples. Cut the dust and keep the details fleshy.

Choosing the Right Keywords

Use Below keywords:

  • digital marketing
  • product launch ideas
  • lead generation services
  • brand marketing
  • viral marketing
  • campus ambassador programs

Internal Linking is good for SEO

It is recommended to use internal linking in your article refers to any links from one page on a domain which lead to another page on that same domain. Also when you refer to a name, company, tool or any quote include a link to the source so that readers can discover more.