4 Easiest Part-Time Jobs to Boost Your Pocket Money

Many times, during college time you think that if you had some money then you would have afforded to roll into some course or workshop or anything else or it could be better to have a job since it will make your resume stand out. But due to all the time you have to give to your college routine you do not have any free time for doing any job. So, you are stuck in the middle of nothing. Well, there lies a solution in part-time jobs. In my college time I used to find part-time jobs near me, so I could work there to earn money and it would also not cost much time. A part-time job gives you a boost in confidence since you start earning money on your own and can afford your own fees and monthly expenditures. You will also learn how to use money wisely and manage your time according to your studies, work and extracurricular activities. You will also be able to develop some soft skills such as team management, communication, planning or leadership among many. You will be getting industrial exposure as well which will help you in having a good resume.

GigIndia provides an amazing platform to get part-time jobs to work from home well fitted in terms of perks.  For part-time jobs, flexible work timings are essential. Also, you need to be aware of not getting involved in some scam. GigIndia is dedicated workforce which helps students to get part-time jobs from home. It does not need any investment since you need to have good communication skills, good common sense and responsible nature. GigIndia works to promote and advertise brands and applications. After registering yourself on GigIndia, you get small tasks aka gigs to perform from the website which when are completed and approved by the website corresponding money is received by the student as pocket money for completing online work. An experience suited for resume building through industrial interactions is available to you through GigIndia by working with top brands such as Paytm, PhonePe, Grabon and Mi among many. Technical and non-technical internships are available as well which are an important part of your career. GigIndia offers internships which will transform you from just a student into a potential employee by letting you work in a professional environment.


So, let us talk about some of the online part time jobs you can do through GigIndia.

Campus Ambassador

A campus ambassador is hired by a company to promote and advertise their brands and products in your college campus. You will be needed to just create good advertisement through messages which you will spread on social media platforms. Some other tasks will also be there for you to perform and complete according to the profile.

The basic requirements for this part-time job are that you should have natural leadership skills, a passion to build and grow meaningful relations, innovative insights and ability to gather feedback from end users. This can be considered as online work from home job as well since you will be needed to create awareness about products through online means as well.


Writing is your passion, hobby and something you are good at then this gig is just made for you. This part-time job allows to stay at home and earn money. Writing about products, their use and applications as well as their advantages and merits over other similar products is one of the ways you can follow. This online part time job is a marketing job needed for a company before their product hits the market. This is an effective way to earn quick pocket money.

This part time job requires you to have curiosity, courage and consistency to express yourself which contributes to differentiating a good blogger in the crowd. If you have these qualities, then this is your part-time job to go for.


Vlogging is similar to blogging since both deal with expressing or explaining things. But vlogging allows the creactor to go on a whole another level as the content created will also include visual information about the concept or object in question. You can make some short videos and upload them on various sites from where you will get money according to the views your videos will be getting.

GigIndia allows students to get part-time jobs for students in vlogging from where you can make money really quickly by creating some interesting content while keeping a positive attitude.

Social Media Influencing

If you have good following base and a good communication network, then you are surely able to influence the thinking approach of those people through those social media platforms.  GigIndia provides you with a number of brands that you can promote through your social media platforms. This online part time job can earn money for you since companies want their products to be advertised and if you are good at it then they offer payment.

This part time job from home is suitable for those who are actively using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

If you want to know why GigIndia is the one you should go with then the answer is very simple. GigIndia provides you with hands-on projects through which you will be learning practical concepts rather than just learning theory as students do during college courses through part-time jobs and gigs they offer. Communicating with clients and getting feedbacks, solving queries, providing improvisations for gigs, creating posters, writing programs in various languages, creating engaging content are some of the part-time jobs for students that challenges them to put their theoretical knowledge into something tangible. Working through GigIndia allows you to students to get to know how the corporate world works and the importance of customer and provider relationship where students as interns can contribute with their skills.

5 Reasons Why You Should Go For An Internships

When you get into final years of your professional course you start to get worried about your job. Companies these days want experienced students as employees and find yourself at a loss. You wonder where do I get the experience if I do not have a job or how are others getting the experience from. Well, the answer is an internship. Internship jobs are part-time jobs you do for a company may be paid or may be unpaid which can be technical or non-technical. The time period varies from a month to a maximum of one year also. Technical internships give you great experience since you will be working in your domain which helps you increase your expertise of the subject and get technical knowledge. Non-technical internships help you develop your soft skills like communication which are also an essential skill companies look for in an aspiring employee. Now let us talk about why you should do internship jobs.


Well, obviously the most important reason is experience. You will be working directly in a domain which will be allowing to grow your skills in one way or another.  The more student internships you do more will be the experience you will be getting and it does help tremendously in building up your resume. You can work from work from home or it might require you to do in-office work. Whatever it is, it lets you work directly in an environment which will be similar to your work environment or it does help you develop skills such as communication. Also applying for different roles in the same domain allows to gain experiences from different angles which boosts up your chances to get a high-profile job early in your career.

Broaden your understanding

Since you will be working directly under and with professionals who are well experienced in the domain and well versed with the developments in the industry during the the course of these internship jobs, you will get to learn new things from them and also the things you have learned will be explained in a professional and a broader manner but in terms which are essential for your profile since such a profile is desired by your employer.  You will also get to learn the trending concepts in the industry first-hand and also the technologies required in industry by doing these student internships.

Ability to Innovate and Invent

Working as an intern allows you to experiment and get experience from your mistakes. All companies know that you will make mistakes, but they want you to learn from them and get better at what you do. Learning from your mistakes allows you to grow in a way which boosts up your innovation. You can try new things on your own and also invent solutions to the problems faced by the society or industry. The ability to innovate and invent is an essential skill required for you if you are looking to get a job in research and development. Paid internship jobs especially make you grow in this way since they give you better profile for the internship job and you are supposed to work under a more industrial environment and should solve more difficult problems than other college internship jobs.

Get Confidence in yourself

Just as I said earlier you will be learning cutting edge technology as well as gaining experience by correcting your mistakes while working directly under the guidance of experienced professionals. Thanks to the great experience you will get by doing student internships, you will be well ahead of those around you who will not be doing any internships. You will get opportunities compared to them more and better both. This will boost your confidence in yourself as you will be more compatible with constantly upgrading technology and more experienced at problem solving.

Get a variety of Skills

Since most of the student internship last 3 to 6 months, you can do four 3-month internships in a year all in different domains. This allows you to understand how different domains work and what skillsets are required for them. You will also simultaneously be developing those skills when you will be working in those domains through internships and get valuable experience from experts and professionals as well. This will grow your skill-set and you will always be more preferable for companies than others when they will be coming for campus interviews. Your experience of working in different domains which you will gain by doing internship jobs also allows you to gain enough knowledge that you can handle multi-domain problems by yourself or you can be put in a team which deals with them. This will allow you to get a better job profile while hiring and you will also get better promotions.

But it is difficult to get a paid internship jobs or just internships for that matter when you are new and you trying to find internships for college students. Companies prefer those who have at least an experience of one or two internships. So, you are stuck with no internship. You also want to get paid internship to get your pocket money but again you have no experience.

This is where GigIndia comes in picture. They offer online internships for college students as well as paid internships in content writing, campus ambassador, blogging and many more from top brands and companies in many major cities in India for students. You can perform gigs through their app which will allow you to earn money which will be sent to you through Paytm. Many big companies are also nowadays are hiring their interns through GigIndia only such. All you need to have is a good profile in academics and a good basic understanding. You can register through their website or download their app as well and you will soon be getting many internship jobs.

A bit of experience can come handy in kick-starting your career as well.  Getting an internship through GigIndia will give you exposure to the industrial environment through quality internships in top brands such as Paytm and mi among many. Your skillset will just keep on increasing when working in an internship you will get through GigIndia. Or you can mail the HR of the company you want to work in with your resume and mention your skills. They will surely contact you when they will have a position suitable for your desire and skills. Don’t worry if a company does not respond or you get rejected in final stages before landing on to a job since such is the corporate life. Keep working towards your goals and you will surely be able to get an internship and many more sooner which will finally result in you getting a great job!

Don’t Forget to Check These 4 Ways to Earn Pocket Money

As a student you might find yourself in a position where you could have wanted a bit more money to get something maybe roll into a course or some workshop or so. Maybe you want to pay your debts you took for buying your phone or laptop. You have so much extra time but have not found any way to put it to a good use. Maybe you want to plan to buy something in three months or so. For this you want to plan for some side business or some source of income. Well then, this article is just for you.

There are quite a few ways to achieve some sources to earn pocket money. One of the ways is to make YouTube videos. You earn pocket money according to the views or clicks your videos get. Some other ways include freelancing for various jobs for companies such as web or android development or some programming, content development and writing, analysis among so many.

But you might be wondering that hey, I do not have enough time to dedicate for this much work or I cannot afford to travel to different locations for pocket money jobs. We all know that it is tiresome to find a trustworthy company where you can work and avoid working at some scam to earn pocket money. Well, GigIndia provides solution for this. You don’t need to invest any money but only have well developed soft skills, that is all GigIndia asks. You need to download the GigIndia app as your pocket money app. When you sign up you are offered a number of gigs to earn pocket money from when completed and approved by the website. Also you can get experience since many top brands such Paytm, Phonepe, Grabon and Mi offer work for them through GigIndia. So, this can be a great way to earn pocket money. GigIndia also offers technical and non-technical internships so your profile will get built up quite well and your resume will get added with experience and skills which will help you get a good job.

Now let us talk about how to earn pocket money through GigIndia?


Good writing skills, great audience and consistency in writing and maintaining quality. If this is your set of skills, then you can easily earn pocket money from this gig. You need to promote various brands and their products which will help you earn pocket money.


Similar to blogging, you can promote brands or also create content as per needed but through short videos and upload them to earn pocket money quickly. You need only be good in front of the camera and should have good skills in English then you can earn from this gig.

Social Media Influencer:

There are many social media platforms people use nowadays. If a person has a good number of following, then he can influence them about the advantages of things such as brands or various products. If you meet these criterions, then through GigIndia you can promote brands to earn money through this pocket money app.

Campus Ambassador:

Companies require students with good communication skills, la arge network of contact and decent leadership skills for promoting and advertising their brands in their college campus. Students attending the same college will come to know about these products and can take benefits of the products by buying them. You can do this promoting and some other tasks that will be assigned to you to earn pocket money depending on the work you do.

Now that we have talked about how to earn pocket money let us talk about how GigIndia app works. The most important thing that GigIndia does different is they offer direct experience on projects rather than having students just learn the theory behind them. Students can learn and achieve something meaningful while they experience different things while talking to clients, solving issues, experimenting for challenges among many. A different environment is made available to students through GigIndia where they can learn about the corporate world, the importance of customers and relations with companies where they will be working. Considering all these benefits you should not be wasting any time to get on a ride with GigIndia to earn pocket money and develop skills for yourself.

The 5 Most Important Things You Can Learn From An Internship

An internship is an opportunity to test drive the career without commitments. It is often a great choice because it gives you a feel for work without being thrown into the deep end straightway. Being an intern is a trial run for the field you think you have to work in. While this doesn’t mean that you should ever do an unpaid internship, you should definitely recognize that internship jobs can give you a heap of more valuable things. Successfully completing an internship shows other potential employers that you can be trusted in a job setting and that you’re ready for the big, bad world of work.

Work experience:

Many student internships mainly those which are not work from home, have to work from office and working from office comes with responsibilities. Working from office includes interaction with work colleagues, completing the work in given time. Working with other people at your internship will help you enhance your people and professionalism skills, and when you see the finished project you’ll be able to tell how important it was for everyone to come together and combine their skill sets.

Communication skills:

One of the most valuable skills that I have gained from my paid internships is the ability to speak with people in a professional setting. Working experience in the corporate field will keep you interacted with a bunch of people, which will eventually develop your skills. Even conducting interviews and attending clients, having meetings with them, satisfying and negotiating on a point which you want to strongly express.

A foot in the door of opportunities:

For plenty of companies, internships are fast becoming the most effective way of recruiting good people. And if you get a job via internship jobs you get comparably higher pay than other freshers.

Taking Criticism:

It is difficult at times when you are told to improve. It always hurts our ego, because working hard still getting a compliment to improve is hard to digest. That’s what makes us more responsible to take criticism and improve ourselves working with them. We also learn how to respond to such criticism professionally and respectfully.


When your confidence is boosted you can actually control a bunch of people and express yourself in front of them without hesitating and that makes you develop a sense of leadership especially with regards to speaking for and defending my ideas and decisions, not to mention and actually making a decision.

These traits are invaluable when it comes to a career, and an internship is a perfect place to learn and perfect them. I know a platform where you can learn all these traits and make yourself more valuable to an organization. A platform where you can learn all this trait working from home and earning a decent amount through it.

GigIndia helps you out with this. GigIndia allows you to intern with them in various fields where you can develop your skills from communication to time management. There are lot of internship for college students options given by GigIndia and you are flexible to opt any one of them and it is very easy to get an internship there. You just have to download an app and fill all the details and work in your choice of field.

From video blogging to content creating, GigIndia offers everything.

Video blogging is a platform where you can develop your communication skills and start speaking in front of the camera, make videos and post them. You’ll even build a confidence and courage to get a kick start off to your career.

GigIndia also offers you with editor and content creator internships. Marketing sales internship, Digital marketing and other ways are also offered which will not just pay you good but you will be thrown in this huge digital world.

5 Amazing Part-Time Jobs for college students to earn while they learn

It is very important for students in today’s competitive world to have practical knowledge and not just the theoretical knowledge they gain from course books. That is why part-time jobs for students are the “it” thing at the moment. Part-time jobs will help students to not just gain an extra edge over the millions of other students fighting for the same job, but will also teach students to be financially independent and stable, teach them to plan their finances wiser.

What are the benefits of part-time jobs?

If students earn an income with some part-time work, it will boost their confidence. If the financial condition in a student’s family isn’t stable then an extra pocket money can help him/her afford tuition fees. They will gain financial stability and learn to plan their expenses wiser. Doing online part time jobs from home means students will have less free time. They’ll learn to be better planners by managing time. Also, they’ll develop other useful skills like teamwork, commitment, leadership, customer service, organization, etc.

They’ll gain an early experience of the business/organisation. This will be reflected in their resume because it shows that the student is somewhat accustomed to the professional world. Networking opportunities also increase as students connect to a wider number of people.

Amazing platforms for part-time jobs.

You no more have to spend time looking up the internet for “part-time jobs near me”. Thanks to platforms like MTurk, eBay, Freelance, Upwork and GigIndia, online part time jobs for students to work from home is no longer what seems like a distant dream. While websites like Freelancer, Upwork, Guru and others let you pitch to potential employers, pocket money apps like GigIndia offer online part-time jobs for students via certain small tasks or gigs. These online part-time job platforms doesn’t ask for any investment from students. The only requirement is that students must have good interpersonal skills, common sense and friendliness, apart from a specific skill and of course, accessibility to the internet.

Easy application process.

Unlike the numerous scam portals out there on the internet, these legit websites only require you to sign up with your email ID. You can then apply for jobs yourself and even pitch to brands to hire you for certain work. You then complete the work and submit it online. Your work then gets approved and you get paid! Isn’t that very simple?

Perks of doing ppart-timejobs.

Students get the right experience needed as they work with top brands like Paytm, Phonepe, Grabon, Mi, and other brands that work in collaboration with these platforms.

Internships are important in setting up the building blocks of a student’s career. They will not just let you earn some extra pocket money but will make students better potential employees. They will gain real experience and make new connections.  This also helps them in communicating in a professional environment by attending meetings and events.

Different types of part time jobs you can do.

There are a number of various part time jobs for students. You can take your pick, based on what skills you already have and what you are passionate about.

  • Content writing: With the help of blogging you can promote various brands to make a quick pocket money. You can even write for other brands and blogs as freelance content writers if you can give them engaging content that lets them connect to their audience.
  • Social Media Influencing: In any online community, if you have a good number of people that follow you and if you can affect their thinking then apps like GigIndia needs you to promote various brands through your social media account to get paid.
  • Campus Ambassador: You’ll be hired by a company as a campus ambassador to promote and advertise various brands and their activities and events in your college. Besides that you also will be assigned many other easy tasks to do. You’ll earn pocket money according to the work that you do.
  • Data Entry jobs: If you’re good with data entry, this job would be the right fit for you. Just be careful with choosing the right platform and don’t fall for the ones that ask you for a joining fees because you’ll end up never hearing from these people after you have paid the fees.
  • Translator: Many companies are also on the lookout for translators to work with them. You have to be proficient in two or more languages and your job responsibility will be to translate from one language to the other. Mostly, these jobs require you to listen to an audio for translation but that is not always the case.

How your part time job will be valuable?

The most valuable part of working for part time is getting your hands on actual projects rather than focusing on theories like students do in their course work. Talking to clients to gather feedback, solving queries, giving ideas about refining gigs, creating posters and writing computer programs, experimenting with content broadcasting challenge students to turn their theoretical knowledge into something tangible. Students would also know the importance of customers and the brands/companies for which the interns contribute their deliverables.

Overall, you won’t need to keep browsing the internet for ‘part time jobs near me’ because it offers part time jobs from home, you won’t need to worry about having any specific qualifications because these are part time jobs for students and more than anything, you won’t need to worry about any investments or any scam because these online part times don’t ask you for any investment. It only requires you to have the very basic things, like a skill or a passion, an internet connection and just a device to access the internet!