5 Reasons Why You Should Go For An Internships

When you get into final years of your professional course you start to get worried about your job. Companies these days want experienced students as employees and find yourself at a loss. You wonder where do I get the experience if I do not have a job or how are others getting the experience from. Well, the answer is an internship. Internship jobs are part-time jobs you do for a company may be paid or may be unpaid which can be technical or non-technical. The time period varies from a month to a maximum of one year also. Technical internships give you great experience since you will be working in your domain which helps you increase your expertise of the subject and get technical knowledge. Non-technical internships help you develop your soft skills like communication which are also an essential skill companies look for in an aspiring employee. Now let us talk about why you should do internship jobs.


Well, obviously the most important reason is experience. You will be working directly in a domain which will be allowing to grow your skills in one way or another.  The more student internships you do more will be the experience you will be getting and it does help tremendously in building up your resume. You can work from work from home or it might require you to do in-office work. Whatever it is, it lets you work directly in an environment which will be similar to your work environment or it does help you develop skills such as communication. Also applying for different roles in the same domain allows to gain experiences from different angles which boosts up your chances to get a high-profile job early in your career.

Broaden your understanding

Since you will be working directly under and with professionals who are well experienced in the domain and well versed with the developments in the industry during the the course of these internship jobs, you will get to learn new things from them and also the things you have learned will be explained in a professional and a broader manner but in terms which are essential for your profile since such a profile is desired by your employer.  You will also get to learn the trending concepts in the industry first-hand and also the technologies required in industry by doing these student internships.

Ability to Innovate and Invent

Working as an intern allows you to experiment and get experience from your mistakes. All companies know that you will make mistakes, but they want you to learn from them and get better at what you do. Learning from your mistakes allows you to grow in a way which boosts up your innovation. You can try new things on your own and also invent solutions to the problems faced by the society or industry. The ability to innovate and invent is an essential skill required for you if you are looking to get a job in research and development. Paid internship jobs especially make you grow in this way since they give you better profile for the internship job and you are supposed to work under a more industrial environment and should solve more difficult problems than other college internship jobs.

Get Confidence in yourself

Just as I said earlier you will be learning cutting edge technology as well as gaining experience by correcting your mistakes while working directly under the guidance of experienced professionals. Thanks to the great experience you will get by doing student internships, you will be well ahead of those around you who will not be doing any internships. You will get opportunities compared to them more and better both. This will boost your confidence in yourself as you will be more compatible with constantly upgrading technology and more experienced at problem solving.

Get a variety of Skills

Since most of the student internship last 3 to 6 months, you can do four 3-month internships in a year all in different domains. This allows you to understand how different domains work and what skillsets are required for them. You will also simultaneously be developing those skills when you will be working in those domains through internships and get valuable experience from experts and professionals as well. This will grow your skill-set and you will always be more preferable for companies than others when they will be coming for campus interviews. Your experience of working in different domains which you will gain by doing internship jobs also allows you to gain enough knowledge that you can handle multi-domain problems by yourself or you can be put in a team which deals with them. This will allow you to get a better job profile while hiring and you will also get better promotions.

But it is difficult to get a paid internship jobs or just internships for that matter when you are new and you trying to find internships for college students. Companies prefer those who have at least an experience of one or two internships. So, you are stuck with no internship. You also want to get paid internship to get your pocket money but again you have no experience.

This is where GigIndia comes in picture. They offer online internships for college students as well as paid internships in content writing, campus ambassador, blogging and many more from top brands and companies in many major cities in India for students. You can perform gigs through their app which will allow you to earn money which will be sent to you through Paytm. Many big companies are also nowadays are hiring their interns through GigIndia only such. All you need to have is a good profile in academics and a good basic understanding. You can register through their website or download their app as well and you will soon be getting many internship jobs.

A bit of experience can come handy in kick-starting your career as well.  Getting an internship through GigIndia will give you exposure to the industrial environment through quality internships in top brands such as Paytm and mi among many. Your skillset will just keep on increasing when working in an internship you will get through GigIndia. Or you can mail the HR of the company you want to work in with your resume and mention your skills. They will surely contact you when they will have a position suitable for your desire and skills. Don’t worry if a company does not respond or you get rejected in final stages before landing on to a job since such is the corporate life. Keep working towards your goals and you will surely be able to get an internship and many more sooner which will finally result in you getting a great job!

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