5 Amazing Part-Time Jobs for college students to earn while they learn

It is very important for students in today’s competitive world to have practical knowledge and not just the theoretical knowledge they gain from course books. That is why part-time jobs for students are the “it” thing at the moment. Part-time jobs will help students to not just gain an extra edge over the millions of other students fighting for the same job, but will also teach students to be financially independent and stable, teach them to plan their finances wiser.

What are the benefits of part-time jobs?

If students earn an income with some part-time work, it will boost their confidence. If the financial condition in a student’s family isn’t stable then an extra pocket money can help him/her afford tuition fees. They will gain financial stability and learn to plan their expenses wiser. Doing online part time jobs from home means students will have less free time. They’ll learn to be better planners by managing time. Also, they’ll develop other useful skills like teamwork, commitment, leadership, customer service, organization, etc.

They’ll gain an early experience of the business/organisation. This will be reflected in their resume because it shows that the student is somewhat accustomed to the professional world. Networking opportunities also increase as students connect to a wider number of people.

Amazing platforms for part-time jobs.

You no more have to spend time looking up the internet for “part-time jobs near me”. Thanks to platforms like MTurk, eBay, Freelance, Upwork and GigIndia, online part time jobs for students to work from home is no longer what seems like a distant dream. While websites like Freelancer, Upwork, Guru and others let you pitch to potential employers, pocket money apps like GigIndia offer online part-time jobs for students via certain small tasks or gigs. These online part-time job platforms doesn’t ask for any investment from students. The only requirement is that students must have good interpersonal skills, common sense and friendliness, apart from a specific skill and of course, accessibility to the internet.

Easy application process.

Unlike the numerous scam portals out there on the internet, these legit websites only require you to sign up with your email ID. You can then apply for jobs yourself and even pitch to brands to hire you for certain work. You then complete the work and submit it online. Your work then gets approved and you get paid! Isn’t that very simple?

Perks of doing ppart-timejobs.

Students get the right experience needed as they work with top brands like Paytm, Phonepe, Grabon, Mi, and other brands that work in collaboration with these platforms.

Internships are important in setting up the building blocks of a student’s career. They will not just let you earn some extra pocket money but will make students better potential employees. They will gain real experience and make new connections.  This also helps them in communicating in a professional environment by attending meetings and events.

Different types of part time jobs you can do.

There are a number of various part time jobs for students. You can take your pick, based on what skills you already have and what you are passionate about.

  • Content writing: With the help of blogging you can promote various brands to make a quick pocket money. You can even write for other brands and blogs as freelance content writers if you can give them engaging content that lets them connect to their audience.
  • Social Media Influencing: In any online community, if you have a good number of people that follow you and if you can affect their thinking then apps like GigIndia needs you to promote various brands through your social media account to get paid.
  • Campus Ambassador: You’ll be hired by a company as a campus ambassador to promote and advertise various brands and their activities and events in your college. Besides that you also will be assigned many other easy tasks to do. You’ll earn pocket money according to the work that you do.
  • Data Entry jobs: If you’re good with data entry, this job would be the right fit for you. Just be careful with choosing the right platform and don’t fall for the ones that ask you for a joining fees because you’ll end up never hearing from these people after you have paid the fees.
  • Translator: Many companies are also on the lookout for translators to work with them. You have to be proficient in two or more languages and your job responsibility will be to translate from one language to the other. Mostly, these jobs require you to listen to an audio for translation but that is not always the case.

How your part time job will be valuable?

The most valuable part of working for part time is getting your hands on actual projects rather than focusing on theories like students do in their course work. Talking to clients to gather feedback, solving queries, giving ideas about refining gigs, creating posters and writing computer programs, experimenting with content broadcasting challenge students to turn their theoretical knowledge into something tangible. Students would also know the importance of customers and the brands/companies for which the interns contribute their deliverables.

Overall, you won’t need to keep browsing the internet for ‘part time jobs near me’ because it offers part time jobs from home, you won’t need to worry about having any specific qualifications because these are part time jobs for students and more than anything, you won’t need to worry about any investments or any scam because these online part times don’t ask you for any investment. It only requires you to have the very basic things, like a skill or a passion, an internet connection and just a device to access the internet!

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