4 Easiest Part-Time Jobs to Boost Your Pocket Money

Many times, during college time you think that if you had some money then you would have afforded to roll into some course or workshop or anything else or it could be better to have a job since it will make your resume stand out. But due to all the time you have to give to your college routine you do not have any free time for doing any job. So, you are stuck in the middle of nothing. Well, there lies a solution in part-time jobs. In my college time I used to find part-time jobs near me, so I could work there to earn money and it would also not cost much time. A part-time job gives you a boost in confidence since you start earning money on your own and can afford your own fees and monthly expenditures. You will also learn how to use money wisely and manage your time according to your studies, work and extracurricular activities. You will also be able to develop some soft skills such as team management, communication, planning or leadership among many. You will be getting industrial exposure as well which will help you in having a good resume.

GigIndia provides an amazing platform to get part-time jobs to work from home well fitted in terms of perks.  For part-time jobs, flexible work timings are essential. Also, you need to be aware of not getting involved in some scam. GigIndia is dedicated workforce which helps students to get part-time jobs from home. It does not need any investment since you need to have good communication skills, good common sense and responsible nature. GigIndia works to promote and advertise brands and applications. After registering yourself on GigIndia, you get small tasks aka gigs to perform from the website which when are completed and approved by the website corresponding money is received by the student as pocket money for completing online work. An experience suited for resume building through industrial interactions is available to you through GigIndia by working with top brands such as Paytm, PhonePe, Grabon and Mi among many. Technical and non-technical internships are available as well which are an important part of your career. GigIndia offers internships which will transform you from just a student into a potential employee by letting you work in a professional environment.


So, let us talk about some of the online part time jobs you can do through GigIndia.

Campus Ambassador

A campus ambassador is hired by a company to promote and advertise their brands and products in your college campus. You will be needed to just create good advertisement through messages which you will spread on social media platforms. Some other tasks will also be there for you to perform and complete according to the profile.

The basic requirements for this part-time job are that you should have natural leadership skills, a passion to build and grow meaningful relations, innovative insights and ability to gather feedback from end users. This can be considered as online work from home job as well since you will be needed to create awareness about products through online means as well.


Writing is your passion, hobby and something you are good at then this gig is just made for you. This part-time job allows to stay at home and earn money. Writing about products, their use and applications as well as their advantages and merits over other similar products is one of the ways you can follow. This online part time job is a marketing job needed for a company before their product hits the market. This is an effective way to earn quick pocket money.

This part time job requires you to have curiosity, courage and consistency to express yourself which contributes to differentiating a good blogger in the crowd. If you have these qualities, then this is your part-time job to go for.


Vlogging is similar to blogging since both deal with expressing or explaining things. But vlogging allows the creactor to go on a whole another level as the content created will also include visual information about the concept or object in question. You can make some short videos and upload them on various sites from where you will get money according to the views your videos will be getting.

GigIndia allows students to get part-time jobs for students in vlogging from where you can make money really quickly by creating some interesting content while keeping a positive attitude.

Social Media Influencing

If you have good following base and a good communication network, then you are surely able to influence the thinking approach of those people through those social media platforms.  GigIndia provides you with a number of brands that you can promote through your social media platforms. This online part time job can earn money for you since companies want their products to be advertised and if you are good at it then they offer payment.

This part time job from home is suitable for those who are actively using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

If you want to know why GigIndia is the one you should go with then the answer is very simple. GigIndia provides you with hands-on projects through which you will be learning practical concepts rather than just learning theory as students do during college courses through part-time jobs and gigs they offer. Communicating with clients and getting feedbacks, solving queries, providing improvisations for gigs, creating posters, writing programs in various languages, creating engaging content are some of the part-time jobs for students that challenges them to put their theoretical knowledge into something tangible. Working through GigIndia allows you to students to get to know how the corporate world works and the importance of customer and provider relationship where students as interns can contribute with their skills.

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